The "^", "<" and "V" game

Congrats to ^ for passing preliminary drivers licence!! That rocks! Will do a happy dance for ^.

< has a naturally nervous disposition. Especially around travelling alone, speaking to strangers and many things to do with technology. Despite this, < has still worked as hard as possible to achieve her goals, even if that means often putting herself into situations which scare or overwhelm her. For this reason < feels that this in itself, is <'s most rewarding experience. < has done many things < is proud of because of this. < may have gone around with a look of pure terror on her face, but < still achieved many of her long or short term goals. They might not always have been the best goals, but they were the right goals for <.

Bravery isn't the absence of fear, it is the ability to persevere without letting the fear defeat you!!!

If v could have all the powers of a chosen super hero, which hero would that be?

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^'s comments are really nice, they would be even more nice if ^ could keep it short :-p... < would like to have the super power of BATMAN... eh!? Batmans super hero right. What is V's longest losing streak with Yoshimitsu?

(< likes ^'s previous poster's long posts...
It makes the forum look alive)

<'s longest losing streak with yoshimitsu is probably 11 or something..
back in the days when <'s brother was really good in tekken and <.. kinda sucked.
but times have changed and now < kicks his brother's ass ^^

For the impending zombie apocalypse, what will v's weapon of choice be and why?

Wow < considers ^ a super pro (only 11). < would chose katana as his weapon or sniper XD. Katana nothing beats swords slash and for sniper < is addicted to a online fps game sudden attack like cs (< is pro sniper in it). Did V play any online fps or mmorpg

seriously, a sniper for a zombie Apocalypse? A headshot won't do shit against zombies and ^ will lack bullets against a horde of 100 zombies in front of ^'s face..

< played A LOT of mmorpg's, mmofps, fps and rpg's...

What was/is v's favorite pet as a child / now and why?

^ is right about sniper but < is sucker for sniper he he he.... May be from a high tower < might have endless fun. < never had pet. Sad but true :p so what is V's contribution to saving planet ^.^

^ is a turd for insulting <'s long posts!!! < has no intention of changing, for ANYONE!!! Hehehe... but < is humbled by previous poster's valiant defense. Thank You!!!!! < is SOOOOOOOO tempted to make this post as long as she is physically able to. Hehehe.

Hmmm right. Boasting about one's support for charities and stuff feels a bit uncomfortable. <'s friend recently talked her into joining a woman's campaign group though, as she thought it might be a fun way to meet new friends. At uni < was an animal rights activist and got up to some crazy stuff!!! LOL

(edit; Just realised ^ is on mobile so can be forgiven for not liking long posts. < knows they're a nightmare on mobile :p)

So erm... how many countries has v visited and which was the best?

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< has visited 4 countries ( < knows it's not a lot)...
The best country < had visited was switzerland. The simple reason is because < likes to ski ^^'
what is v's most embarrassing moment of v's life?

<'s most embarrassing moment was answering this. lol just kidding. Btw Yoshi's moves looks like a bit like ski flea walk 4. Hehehe.... Dont you think ^/V What is V's most happiest moments and saddest ones.

^ is surely just encouraging <'s long post habit with these long questions.. Hehe

< won't talk about the really sad things that have happened because <'s cognitive therapist won't approve!! LOL

< will however tell a bittersweet tale from her younger years that has always left a slight pang of regret...

In college, < had a best friend who was male. let's call him 'S' < and S were super-close and did everything together. He was really smart and had a clever and dry sense of humour. < loved S very much but it was never romantic feelings. One day though, < wondered if she might like him as more than a friend so sent him an email telling him of her feelings. No reply!!! So they continued as always and never dated. < had a female friend, lets call her 'C' who came to like this guy and so < introduced them. S and C soon became a couple and C asked the guy why he never replied to that email. His answer.. 'I swear, I never received such an email and if I had, I would surely have returned her feelings.'

Needless to say, this girl was furious and slowly but surely destroyed our friendship (S fell in love with her and would do anything to please her, even stop speaking to < :( ). < no longer hears from this wonderful man (who later had his heart broken by <'s 'friend') and often asks herself 'what if?'.

Happiest moment. Ooh.. too many to list. Joining YOT and making such amazing and lasting friendships, has certainly been a highlight. The happiness < felt when she first started chatting to YOTians, and visiting them offline, was off the scale!!! Also, every time < meets up with her friend, Nat, her happy-o-meter comes close to bursting ^^ (As Nat feels EXACTLY the same, we have been spending a lot of time together recently too!!!).

Writing long replies on YOT, also makes < happy.

Can v please tell us their favourite joke??

<'s favourate joke is a story of a guy being busted during sex in a certain topic... (dirty I know but I seriously laughed my ass off by reading this)

does v like to sing in the shower?

Sad. < cant read ^ fav joke in mobile. V likes to sing in shower but then again who would not ! Does V have any hobbies ?

< likes learning languages, singing, reading, writting crappy stories, learning new things, wathin a TV show called QI, horse riding, yoga, meeting people from different walks of life so < can learn more about her world through fresh eyes, is laughing a hobby?, playing Tekken, and is currently doing keep fit ^^ < used to enjoy skateboarding and wasn't too bad for a girl :p but < is too scared of breaking a leg and having no money because she can't work. So < doesn't skate anymore and when < tries for old times' sake, < sucks. Tee hee. Oh spending way too much time on YOT is surely also a hobby of <.

As most people here speak more than one language, what was the funniest or most embarrassing mistake V (or someone v knows) ever made while speaking a foreign language? (please translate/explain it if it's not English).

< his most embarassing mistake made in another language was during a presentation in English.
We were supposed to make a presentation of what we read and what we enjoy reading. < said with pride he likes to chat on msn, browse through forums and especially read game magazines when he gets the chance...

The embarassing part is that everyone thought < said he likes to read Gay magazines when he gets the chance...
So everyone was looking weird at < and some interrupted me to confirm if < really said "Gay" magazines. < then explained he said Game magazines and everyone was like "OOoooooh!!!!" with the, "that makes sense" expression...

now they sometimes still tease < with the gay magazines scenario...

what was the scariest thing v ever saw in his/her life.

"^" in real live it was and old celling in an apartment where "<" once lived, it had many rooms some where locked though but the ones that weren't had lots of strange and weird things in them wouldn't have expected to find like, 40+ years old new papers, a animal trophy, a medieval looking casket, sliver ware, old furniture, basically the place was filled with useless stuff.

The thing that creeped me out was the colors of the room, they just had the wrong colors or the right if you wanted to keep kids out. "^"s friends saw the place they were stunned by the whole atmosphere and there were like behaving all tough at the time watching horror movies but that place made them paranoid :))

If "\/" could have any car in the world what car would "\/" like to have ^^