A show-off

Haha, I just had to show this one to you guys. I was cleaning my room and I decided to finally show the hideous Tekken 3 mask I made when I was still in the 9th grade. :D

It's just so hideous!!! :)

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I would love to see it! :D And how about your comics? ^^

cheers! :)

Ps. I'm currently a great fan of V for vendetta. Damn, this guy reminds me Yoshi so much!!! I want to see this movie, I have only read all 10 comics...

check this out :D

http://youtube.com/watch?v=dC4ZmSuHm70&search=v%20for%20vendetta - V's speech
http://youtube.com/watch?v=6fIgC2UtB0w&search=v%20for%20vendetta - awesome fight! V uses deception... "No don't shoot me, it's him! it's him!" LOL...
http://youtube.com/watch?v=tdwGMql3zAg&search=v%20for%20vendetta - V is great at illusion: this is a movie made by his fan. I want this mask! :)

Oh my wickedness, I laughed my butt off during the last video! :D

Hmm... I got interested. Maybe I should try and find V for Vendetta as well. As for the Blood Ring, I watched Ringu 0 yesterday to get a grip again on a few patterns. I'm already inking page 103, but since I don't have a scanner I'll have to go to the local library to scan the pages. That's why I make a heap of pages before I scan - it costs 1,5e to use the computer for an hour, so I want to scan a load of pages at the same time.

The movie is different than the comics (at some parts, V's "actions"... at least I judge this from what I saw by far... I'm working on downloading full movie... gah, if anybody has it on their hard drive, I ask for feedback! Please help poor Tenshi :P), I recommend reading the comics, too. The movie and the comics make a completion of V's character and personality.

If anybody wants the comics, I may upload them. 10 parts saved in PDF format, about 100 MB a whole pack. Worth seeing!

I hope Koga that soon I'll be able to see both your mask and comics! ^^
cheers :)

Erm... you don't see the pic in the 1st post? O_O

Oh well... dA's bugging again. I uploaded the pick into my gallery. :)

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Hoho, it's great! ^_^!!!

Have you ever thought of painting it? And can you tell me what's needed to make such a mask? What's the whole process? And if the mask is, so to speak, "shock-resistant"? ^^ (endurant) Can it accidently crush easily or not?

Maybe I'll also make masks. ^^ I'm in fact very excited about doing so in the nearest future :)

Hmm, hmm... Since the masks are only a decoration on the shelf now, I don't feel like painting them or something.

Since I make my masks out of plaster (why on earth have I mixed up plaster and paper marche for some time now?), they are quite endurant, but extremely uncomfortable; the T2 Yoshimitsu mask's eyeholes cut the skin around my eyes quite badly during the Bryan vs. Yoshi fight in the movie, and I found it next to impossible to breathe inside the Kunimitsu mask. But the masks never broke. Of course, we were pretty careful when handling them.

I used poster paint to paint the masks. It was recommended to throw a few layers of fixative on the paint, but the fixative would've made the masks shiny.

BTW, I'm giving some serious thought about making a V for Vendetta mask. Perhaps I can then send it to you, Tenshi? :D

Hehe, we grow to be both Yoshi and V fans. :) Go to google graphics search, there are many good-resolution pics and photos showing his mask. If you don't find them, I may send them to you. :)

Maaaan... I want this movie :D Have you searched all clips in youtube? there are many gorgeous ones... :) And what about comics? :)

I would love to have such a mask, thanks ^^ I wonder where I'll get the hair like his... :P

P.S. If you can, make photos of you doing the mask, I'll have a better view on the process. ^^

I would also love to see how you created theses masks, Koga! I've once tried my hands on making one, but failed dramaticly :)

Heheh, you have the same avatar as me, Tenshi :D So I guess it was a good suggestion to go see that movie, wasn't it? ;)
You can allready buy the dvd from amazon.com, if your interested ^_^ I must mention that the deleted scenes were great!

Well, I don't have a bank account so I can't buy the movie through amazon. :( But if somebody would help me I would pay the cash to his account :) Just I need to know how much will it cost.

I'm very curious about deleted scenes.

Do you want to see comics, Kiri? I may upload them :D

Oh, I would be most delighted to read them! If its not to much trouble, please upload them somewhere ^_^

And don't worry; If Amazon.com has it, It will soon be avalible at a store near you too. :)

I decided to try and make that Guy Fawkes mask! :)

I won't start the process until after a week, though, since I'm serving as an instructor at the HLU camp next week. I will try and purchase all the material I need this week and begin during the weekend.

If you want, I can keep a "diary" about the process, take pics and give tips on mask-making, in a HTML-mode. Any ideas where I should put those sites?

*sob* :cry

I just finished watching "V for Vendetta". It was beautiful... just so abso-posi-you-better-believe-it beautiful.

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Here are the comics. :) The movie has slightly different storyline. "Suggested for mature readers", Koga :P :D

EDIT: gaah, I have 20% of the movie now... faster, faster :D

Tenshimitsu : "Suggested for mature readers", Koga :P :D
What do you think I am, chicken soup? :D

Hehehe ^^ just kiddin' :)

As I said... the comics are a nice completion of the movie. You'll learn things that weren't shown. And the end is different. Kinda... I liked more 1 vs 1 final battle than the mass execution in the movie. And I liked more Evey's role in the comics story...

anyway, enough of spoilers. enjoy ^^