What does Manji Mean?

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Well. I read the "windmill" post through, and found a post with some links for "Manji".
One of em explained the actual meaning of Manji - in swedish, and so i decided to make a new post (Tho i already explained it once).

So, nothing more to say than,



In the east, Manji is often used to mark out Biddish tempel on kartor (See picture below), and it is normally known as a symbol for buddishm.
The symbol itself is "dock?" older than the buddishm, and has a deeper meaning.

- Manji represents universums changes and the reason for all life.
The opposites which brings clearness in our mind - heaven and earth, day and night, positive and negative, malish and femalish, south and north, summer and winter, old and young, and many others - stands in obvious diffrence. "Trots?" that was and retain it's distinctive nature since it finds harmonic diffrence from its opposite. The form of manji reflects this. The vertical line combinds symbolisticly heaven and earth since the horizontal line unites light and darkness. The combination of the two becomes a cross which represents universum in harmony, removes limits in time and space, and from which the force which creates and brings life to all things, comes. The "sl?pande?" lines in the cross represents the wisdom, that universum changes constantly and never reaches a permanent state.

And so forth...

- In the next chapter they explain about diffrent Manji symbols and such.

But anyways, i hope you'll enjoy my translation of this - and sorry for not being able to translate everything - some words are just too diffrent from danish for me to understand 'em.


May I help?

- "Nevertheless", "however"

- "threatning"
- "despite that" <- I would go for this one.
- "a threatening (something)

supposingly from the verb "sl?pa" - to drag.
- Dragging

We Finns - unfortunately for some - have to study Swedish as a compulsory subject. I'm not good at it, though. :blush

BTW, have you checked the YOT-section of the shrine? There's plenty of information about the Manji, the Ninja and everything that could possibly revolve around Yoshimitsu. Tenshi and Kiri have made an impressive summary of everything in the "Did you know...?" pages. :)

Thanks, dude. But, yeah. I've heard that Finns had to learn swedish. Estonians too as far as i remember? But why the sobbing? Swedish is kinda cool, i think. Especially since its so close to danish, which is what i speak. It's, as they say in sweden; J?tte bra ;) Haha.

Also, I'll have a look at that link - thanks a bunch! :D

Can you link to the Windmill post??