Most hated video game characters....

Naaa if
Jinpatchi was a playible caracter he would be boss plus he already is LOL

Believe it or not; Jinpachi IS playable! ;) He's not all that fun to play as though.
- No challenge in playing a character capable of ending the fight in a single, uninterruptable juggle. :D

Jinpatchi was overpowered and resorts to his dash and fireballs too much for anyones good .. he takes the fun out of a fighting game that is supposed to be steered away from powers like mortal kombat

Not only that his dashes and fireballs are waaay too much for everyone (though it's great that yoshi on IND is unaffected), his stomp is really annoying... I remember once while playing yoshi, i did a hop kick while he did that stomp-that-causes-a-uber-long-stun, and guess what? Yoshi was caught (even in mid-air!) and was stunned.

And yeah, fighting with him really takes the fun away...

Against other players: "Whoa! Ugh! Ha, take that! Oops! No no no! Ugh! Yes! Come on! A little more... Yes! Alright! Whew! Ha, who's laughing now?"

Against Jinpanchi: "Ha, take that! Whoa! Oh no... ... ... ... <Continue? Ten... Nine...>"

Hey UnknownDNA how can i play with Jinpatchi man i so want to have a go with him sooooooo badly.

Yoshimitsu 2 : Hey UnknownDNA how can i play with Jinpatchi man i so want to have a go with him sooooooo badly.
You need a "gameshark" - it's a CD ROM which makes you able to do stuff you normally cannot do. For example cheat. This device game me for instance 99.999.999 fight moneys.


Yes, but where in the world do you get a game shark? You can't just buy at your local dairy. I want to have one! lol.

Jinpachi is possibly the cheapest video game boss I've ever played against. Namco had better not bring him back.

A few other characters I hate are:
Bryan Fury
I-No (Guilty Gear)
Yunsung (Soul Calibur)
Guy (Street Fighter)

He is really cheap. I especially hate his stomp-immobolise move. It's really annoying! I hate you jinpachi! lol.

Let's see...apart from the obvious Jinpachi and Bryan, the characters Goenitz, Mukai, Clark Still, Ralph Jones, and Goro Daimon, all from the King of Fighters series, get on my nerves to no end. From the Samurai Showdown series, we have Earthquake, Kusaregedo, that doofus with the wooden hammer, and Gaoh. From Soul Calibur...I'm gonna say it, but Maxi irritates me, as does Yunseong. I could keep on going, but I think this gives a pretty good picture.


Absolutely! Maxi is really annoying! I especially hate his elvis hair-do. lol.
Yunseoung is just blaaaaah!

one person: tails.

'what shall we do now, sonic?'
'where are you going, sonic?'
'oh no, sonic!'
'you did it, sonic!'
'welcome back sonic!'
'bye, sonic!'


*tries to transform into devil form to laser tails, then realises that he dosen't have a devil form*


oi, leave my favorite fox friend alone, he is so cute.

**hugs tails and crys**

Kilik from soul calibur!


he's an annoying fighter

Fox McCloud from Super Smash Brothers Melee,he just dosen't diiieeeeeee