Most hated video game characters....

Hi, I know there is a similar topic in the tekken forums, but here you can say bout any other games.
I for instance hate most of the KoF cast (BTW my fave char is Angel), especialy if they are computer-controled on the highest difficulty.
I mainly hate it when a char is EXTREMELY childish (*coughAthenacough*) or has some over the top attacks that take many % health or have autoguard on BASIC moves (*coughMaximacough*). Anyways, who do YOU hate?

My most hated video game characters of all time?

5. Bruce Irving - Tekken
4. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7
3. Steve - Resident Evil: Code Veronica
2. Fortune - Metal Gear Solid 2
1. Vamp - Metal Gear Solid 2

(Yes, Metal Gear Solid has produced horrible characters in the past few outings. Other notible ones are; The End, The Fury, The Pain, and The Fear, all from MGS3)

1. Seymour - Final Fantasy X (I just hate this guy)
2. Jin Kazama - Tekken
3. Natla - Tomb Raider I
4. Kurtis Trent - Tomb Raider AOD
5. LeBlanc - Final Fantasy X-2

Arg... Whom do I hate the most. Uuhm..? :dozingoff

I'll have to think about this. My CPU (The thing you people refeer to as a "brain :D) is a bit old n' outdated, so it don't work so well these days! :p

"To be continued/edited"


paine from FFX-2.. heh..
Harry from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets..


The fifteenth colossus ^^ This guy almost made me crush my controller :)
Steve, Nina, Feng - hated top tiers :)

I think that's all?

Oh c'mon!
Am I the only one who likes Feng here or what? :D

As for the topic, I hate Jinpachi.
His resurrection ruined the series IMO.


I would have to agree with Koga about seymour.. he just was annoying
3)Rojer jr.
4)and the cast of "The Warriors"

Everyone from every liscenced game ever.

Bryan Fury as he killed mine and Yoshi's commrades. Plus he is soooo big headed it is unreal.

I can't but be among the same lines as you yoshi 2, Bryan is soo psychotic and is ugly.

I don't know... I think Bryan looks sexy. I like him about as much as I like Yoshimitsu.

On the topic, I've began to extremely dislike the mutated Boaz from Tomb Raider AOD. Mainly because she has to be destroyed while playing as Kurtis Trent, who is much less acrobatic and fast as Lara is. You have to shoot Boaz into exactly right spots in order to destroy her, but Kurtis always has his eyes on somewhere else than where they should be. Gets kinda irritating after the first five attempts.

Well, i just like Soul Calibur 3 and i absolutely love it, it's just getting used to the gaurding and all, this ties into my hated character of all.

For good reasons, i hate, hate, hate Talim or whatever her name is. I just can't stand her, she barely looks fifteen and she's telling me "... some things can only be conveyed through battle". WTF!!! How the hell would she know? (Note: i've never played the first and second so i might be in the wrong about her age).

Back onto a good note, I'm totally loving Yoshi, him and his flags. and how he flies high up.

Thanks clar380 you could become a good friend(Bows)

BigChief : Oh c'mon!
Am I the only one who likes Feng here or what? :D

As for the topic, I hate Jinpachi.
His resurrection ruined the series IMO.


You arent The only One......I hate Gorro From Mortal Kombat 4