is there any tekken charactors u hate?

And don't forget the stuns...

Argh! Don't even get me started on them!

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greenyoshi noticed something

fastlegs : off topic.

greenyoshi noticed something

Hehehe.. Refer to 'Stars' thread fastlegs. =D

I hope that in the next Tekken game there is no big, annoying, stunning, fireball breathing character to deal with... And of course that all the other characters I hate get removed.:D

well i just heard some news on TZ that DR is going to be released on PS3 next what happend to tekken 6


Don't ask me... I think they should have released DR on PS2 personally.

I remember someone once mentioning of a possibility that the next "new" Tekken could well be Tekken Tag 2. I don't think it's such a bad idea, but since Tekken 5 and DR left so many cliffhangers, I doubt fans welcome Tag 2 before finding out what happened to their fave characters.

I know I wouldn't.

Yeah... Especially the Bryan/Yoshi thing.

(Yoshi...Must...Live...) T_T

same here i just want to see why jin and lilly had that fight in that colussium.

that plus see who won the war between yoshi and bryan.

but im not going to say who i thought should have won because Koga will come after me or even Tenshi. if i say bryan or yoshi then im safe.

I actually don't want to see Bryan OR Yoshi die...

But if one of them had to go, I'd have to say Bryan.

I wondent say that if i was you mate.

I'm not going to say why

but i don't want bryan or yoshi to die as well

I'm sure Koga will understand that if I had to choose between Yoshi and Bryan and there was no other way about it, I'd choose Yoshi to live.

I think that they'll both survive... Bryan's tough and Yoshi's just...Yoshi! =D

I just never see way they team up i still say that yoshi bryan and raven makes a good team.

Yoshi, Bryan and Raven together could take on an army of the hated Jinpachis!


good to know that you think they are a good team.

I'm not a fan of Raven, and as I said in an earlier post. he's one of my hated characters. But I can still acknowledge the fact that three three of them would make a good team, though I would still prefer a team of Yoshi, Bryan and Kazuya anyday.