is there any tekken charactors u hate?

*Goes into practice mode and repeatedly sword impales Raven*


as long as I'm alive it's all good

*Quits practice mode and grabs a handy katana, smiling evily at fastlegs*

Guys, take it here, will you.

sorry couldn't help it.

i'll be good now oh yeah green yoshi it's your turn.

Sorry Koga.

I've realised that I hate Jinpachi as well...does that count?

the biggest SOB in the Game,

who ever put him in must have been evil:p

Yeah. They must have had a cruel sense of humour or something.

I don't much care for Ogre either, come to think of it.

orge is not much as a faggot as jinpachi is

Hrm, It's a close call between the two in my opinion. Ogre is big and ugly... And Jinpachi is just...ugly.


I was just going on thier move list really

and jinpachi and orge are the same size i think

I think prehaps Ogre is a little bit wider, but I could be wrong.

nah seen the muscles on jinpachi


The main reason I hate them is because of the ranged attacks. Jinpachi's fireball is so annoying, especially if you mistakenly recover into one.

yeah and the fact he use a move to block any attack he wants