The power of b+3+4...??

I have not played around with it so much yet, but i got something good.. (i think) but do you guys use this move in matches or is it not as good as i think it is..
an example:
Pauls f,f+3,4,4 string.. if you time it right, you can evade the last 4 of the string by doing b+3+4, and you got a free juggle... you can also use it at the end of pauls 10 hit combos.. (sometimes it is better than a low-parry)....
As said before i dont have so much knowledge of this move yet, so if anyone have some good things to tell, where and when to use this move i would sure appreciate it.. :D
another example:
in juggles u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1.. most of the time I end the juggle by f+3, but if you end it with a delayed f,f+2 just above your opponent, he might think: "damn, that was stupid, let me punish him with a get-up kick", and if he trys that, you can evade it by b+3+4, and free juggle...
many of baeks string enders can also be punish by B+3+4, u/f+3_d/f+2...

thanks already..

PS. I'm just a little danish boy, so my english is still full of mistakes. sorry..

Your English looks perfect :D

and if you really wanted to know, compare it with me... a little chinese boy... yeah, see how much english I suck compared to you ;).

Ok getting back on track, from what you said with b+3+4, it seems that it works nearly the same flash. Maybe flash can be replace by b+3+4 and the other way around? This would be a very nice thing to have cause both has their disadvantages and advantages. (i.e. Flash is hard to pull in most situations, you can still get hit by B+3+4).

btw a good find... I only use B+3+4 after f,f+3+4 cause its safe.

Hi I'm sometime using this move , when kazuya does his 3 hit combo b+3+4 evades the last one, if Heich. is doing b+3,3 you can evade second hit df+2 is free [ or uf+3]. ... go to practice mode , I'm sure there is many opportunities to use evade spins.

Normally, I don't use this move very often (Unfortunetly). Often i buff it out of f,f+1+2. It often works great - especially if your Opp SSL and tries to whiff-punish your f,f+1+2 (T5 Souten vs Mister, anyone?).
But as for your wake-up i'd go for something which does not tap your life, such as u+3+4, Flash or similar.

Spin evade is good - but i find it hard to master - and every spin has it's prize, so be thoughtful about using it!