Crab Battle...

All MGS fans, check this out:

Pretty funny, no?! :D

Yes, I have seen it. :) excellent! ^^

Who of you have MGS 3 Subsistence? :) It seems that in a week or two I'll have it. ^^

Yes, someone showed this to me once. :)

Another flash author I like is legendary frog.
He specialises in games too especially Final Fantasy. Also made other stories which are hilarious!


That was funny. I have that flash save in my favorites and my friends seem to like it as well. Somone gave me the link to it a long time ago and sometimes I go watch it for a laugh. They did a good job at putting it together.


That guy saying Oliolooooo made it even more funny because I like how he was factored into it and how the ther two responded to him.

And now take a looka at this :

It's also parody of MGS :D
and here ia a grate hero CACTUAR from FF X :D :


All MGS fans, check this out:

Pretty funny, no?!
ROFL! Haahahaha! N!, Chief! :D