# A.K Fan1234 : You properly know you can found alot of fake tekken info, people confusing fan ficions with the storyline and stuff.

I found this rumor on neoseeker at stated that Jun should have been playable in tekken 3

- Jun was considered for Tekken 3 as her portrait, voice and some moves can be found in the arcade version of the game through hacking. They were removed from the home port. (this is taken from

well is could just be edited moves from Jin with T2 voice from in this one.
I tried to compair "her" T3 and her T2 it sound like the same yells but a slightly different voice is don´t know if the video quality ruined it :/

same here expect from tooth fairy Ogre had the move instead of Jin in T3 and the music

Great find AK! I just love it when people find facts about tekken. :D It's like learning the makeup of the game inside out. :)