Who's game for some games (& the Manjikai Discord)?

Hello again members of Manjikai,

In the 3 days since my last post on these forums, I have thought about Tekken and it's community, this community a lot. A have rediscovered my love not just for this game, but for the like-minded people who play it, talk about it, stream it, and teach others to improve. The are so many good people within the Tekken and greater FGC and I would like to do whatever I can to become more active in these circles.

And so, to anyone who has taken the time to read this, I sincerely thank you and would be honoured to give you some games. :) Please feel free to respond to this thread if you would like to organise some matches. Personally these days, I mostly use Discord for this purpose and while I know a Manjikai Discord exists, I didn't know how to join it and also, as I said in my previous post, I wanted to be more active on this great website anyway. :)

Kindest Regards,


PS: Tenshimitsu, if you are one of of the people reading this I would be very grateful to join the Manjikai Discord and I absolutely will direct fellow Tekken friends here too. :) - thank you for making this site and for everything you have done with it over the years - it is a very special corner of the web I am glad to return to.

Well well nice to see people return this place! It might be dead most of the time, but for some reason it keeps on living like a zombie =0 
I've had a break with tekken due to frustrations with the game, which turned me into a arrogant toxic prick. Noneless i've come to chill about it and wanting to have fun with it again = ) 

I've only got tekken for ps4, so sadly i can't join you if you're playing on pc =/ 

Hope you'll have succes and fun with your tekken adventure!


I have Tekken 7 on all available platforms and am known as portessa on both PSN / Steam and Portessa on Xbox Live (I think capitalisation on Xbox matters). Feel free to add me but just make sure you mention you found me via Manjikai and I won't hesitate to accept you and play some games :)

I really love this site and am very grateful to finding it over 4 years ago and to Tenshimitsu for making it. I believe Tenshimitsu and I were watching the same Tekken tournament in March 2016 - I tweeted about it and she responded. Not long after that, I found out she's a much better player Tekken than I will ever be and that she runs this awesome site :) - You can expect to see a lot more of me here, and certainly, as I have a lot of free time these days, anything I can do to help facilitate awesome games and discussion here, I will do so gladly. I am based in North East Lincolnshire - more specifically near Grimsby (where I was born) or Hull (a city some of you are more likely to of heard of) in the United Kingdom. I would like to find my most local Tekken community in addition to forever being a part of this one. Turns out this search is not easy, but what I can be certain of, is that everybody here is a really awesome person. Not only are we united by our love of Tekken, but we are also big fans of one of the coolest characters ever to grace not one, but TWO fighting franchises (three if you want to count Street Fighter X Tekken). Yoshi is AWESOME!

Kindest Regards,


Good to hear! i've add you on psn if it's you... you have a pic of polar from crash right XD

GG's A.K - That was really fun! :D Thanks for playing and see you again soon.

If Manjikai has a Discord, I want to join!! :D

As for games, I'm the person with a PS3 as their latest system from your livestreams, hehe. :P 

Although tbh I suck at Tekken - I usually played Soul Calibur over the past fifteen years, although I can't boast about that either. I was more of a creative fan rather than gamer, in 2009 I was writing fanfics and drawing fan art of my adventures as Yoshimitsu's assistant and my love for Raphael Sorel, haha! ♡ {Been rewriting those to be an original webcomic someday, as mentioned on Twitter in a recent response to one of your tweets.}