Ganryu main & Yoshi fan

The first time i saw Tekken, was at a
science convention with one of my best friends.
back in 94. My friend went on to become a
programmer & mained yoshimitsu, i became a cartoonist and mained Ganryu.

I recently made a Cheatsheat for myself to play Ganryu, and i asked the people in the discord to help me
with the guide. It turned out they really liked.

so i wanted to ask you to help me out with a similar
guide for my friend. he finally picked up tekken
for his pc. so this  will be the first time he has tekken in his own home.

Hope you guys wants to help all the best Halfdan
(sorry for my grammer and spelling.)

Don't worry that grammar is good enough for me the get the point atleast. I'm not the most knowlegable guy around, but can reconment the beginner guide written by Grey
It's from season 1, but it's still a good read and covers the basics. You could try having the same post on reddit, from my experince yoshi players are usally helpful people.
Good luck with the guide ;)