Yoshimitsu Wish List

- Guarantee the hit of Supreme Soul Stealer (RAGE u/b+1+4) on activation.
- Rage Art available in KIN stance. Move KIN b+1+2 unblockable to KIN ub+1+2.
••• ws 1 as 13f. 
••• df+1,4 not jail and knock down. Make it -13 on block to balance with df+1,2.
- 2,3 have the same extension as f+3. 2,3,3 and 2,3,4.
••• ch 3, cd+2 S! It's a unique move but there's not much use.
- 1+4 have bigger hitbox in back turn. Allow bt 2 S! to combo.
••• db+4 knock down on counter hit and reliably hit grounded opponents.
••• df+1+2 -13 on block but juggle starter on counter hit.
- db+1 down jab. Put old d/b+1,1 to u/b+1,1.
- 1+2 KIN parry have better pull or hit range. All too often to end up behind the opponent.
- bb+1+4 have better tracking. This move is too easily stepped.
••• ws 1,1+2 mid option.
••• ws 3,2~DB cancels the 2nd hit. 
••• ss+2 hit grounded and flip over property.
- f:df+1. Blue spark gehosen. Little more damage and safer on block.
- cd+3 be a low same as as KIN 3.
••• fff+1 running move - on block, + on hit, knock down on counter hit. 
••• KIN 1 change move to a quick short range low.
••• KIN 2 hit grounded and flip over. 
••• KIN 1+4. Be able to flash in KIN stance. Give it NSS 1+4 range.
••• KIN db+1+2 as Ultimate Tackle.
••• KIN f~D cancel and recover crouching.
••• DGF u Dragonfly Flutter.
••• DGF uf+1+2 to Death Copter
- DGF 3+4 animate on hit on any axis.
••• IND [3,4].
••• IND [4,3].
- IND moves be 7f faster in general. The startups are too slow to use moves out of stance.
••• FLE 1~1+2 KIN stance.
••• FLE b+1 back roll.
••• FLE u+3+4 wall bounce.
- FLE d+1+2 like Yoshi's d+1+2 in T5.
- FLE walk 3 and FLE walk 4 change to FLE f+3 and FLE f+4
- BDS Bad Breath stance moves fully high crush.
- BDS 1 reach farther the longer you hold the breath.
••• BDS 2 mid attack where he recovers face down.
••• BDS 3 mid attack where he recovers face up.
- BDS 4 crumple on counter hit as it used to.
••• 2,2~NSS transition. 
••• b+2,2~NSS transition. 
- KIN f+2~NSS transition.
••• f+1+2~KIN transition.
••• uf+1~KIN transition.
••• uf+3+4~BDS transition.
••• uf+4~3+4 MED transition
••• grounded u+1~FLE transition.
••• face down 1+2 to KIN transition. 
- NSS transition ability before round starts.
••• NSS d+1 quick linear unblockable. Sword is drawn out and reverts to 1SS.
••• NSS d+1+2 mid knockdown in place of FLE. 
••• NSS d+1+4 teleport function.
- Soul Possession absorb health when broken. This move is also useless as it is.
- IND stance taunts.
- Clonimitsu throw!

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- Guarantee the hit of Supreme Soul Stealer (RAGE u/b+1+4) on activation.
- - Agreed. It should have a vacuum effect.
- d/f+1,4 be -12 and not jail.
- ws 1 as 13f.
- d/b+1 down jab. Put old d/b+1,1 to u/b+1,1. (Tenshi's idea)
- Guarantee the hit after KIN parry.
- Fix hitbox of u/f+4.
- d/f+1+2 knockdown on counterhit (bring back)
- BDS 3 crumple on counter hit (bring back).
- KIN d/b+1+2 as Ultimate Tackle.
- DGF f+2 U!
- IND 2 same properties as standing d/b+2.
- FLE walk 3_4 to FLE f+3 and FLE f+4.
- cd+3 as KIN 3.
- f+1+2~KIN transition.
- u/f+3+4~BDS transition.
- ws+1~KIN transition.
- DGF 4~KIN transition.
- KIN 1~KIN transition.
- cd+1~DGF transition.
- - Also b+2,1~DGF transition.
- u+1~KIN transition.
- 2,2~NSS transition.
- KIN 1,1~NSS transition (bring back).
- NSS d+1 unblockable. Reverts to 1SS.
- More range for bt flash. Ability to bt 2 S! combo after.
- Soul Possession absorb health when broken.
- Ghost Sword range.
- IND stance taunts (bring back).
- - Agreed on all.

I'd also add:
- More Rage Drives:
- - New RD's from FLE, DGF, and KIN. (Not entirely sure how MED or IND RD's would work)
- - Give f,f+2:2 a RD option with f,f+2:1+2; more damage or make it an extender/launcher
- Make f,f+2 a Power Crush and at least -10. Auto-extends if armor is triggered and hits.
- Give us f,f,f+2 or WR (running) 2. Auto-extends, safe, has proposed 1+2 RD option.
- And for FFS, fix 3~4 when buffering!. Tired of getting TRAGIC 3 (standing 3)! 
- High Crush frames added to d/b+1+2 (BDS)

- Something new added to KIN 2. KIN 2~1+2 is obsolete out side of floor breaks mostly.
- KIN B+1+2~B Cancel (functions as a backsway essentially)
- More functionality to Flash (reflect/split projectiles and lasers, etc).
- Give him the X slash projectile from the Tag 2 item (black blade).
- - It can come from KIN b+1+2 (Hold); Sways back and instead of U!, fires projectile.

- More functionality to Soul Siphon (can eat projectiles for health or projectile absorbption)
- - Alternate way to facilitate the X slash projectile? Yoshi eats one, then can fire one. 
- - His sword(s) would glow while he has a projectile stored.
- Allow Bad Breath to cancel/destroy projectiles
- Allow Unblockable Sword Fan to reflect projectiles back to the source.
- Make Yoshi's max damage combos easier to do (f,f+4, BT 4 etc)
- Get rid of NSS FC+1+2 Flash (obsolete input). Make it FC KIN like 1SS or w/e
- Unique forms of wakeup, like Bears or characters that can FLY.
- - Wakeup attacks (low sword blockable slash)
- - OTG parries (parry that specifically targets OTG only based attacks like stomps)
- - OTG Teleport parry with JF input timing (similar to Raven's 1+2 JF)
- More grabs from stances. DGF 3+4 is nice, but I'd like to see one from FLE and KIN too
- KIN 1+2 having a hitbox on both sides (back as well as front).
- Give QCF+1 some kind of teleport cancel(fakeout) or extension (maybe a mid-air f,f+2:2)
- SC6 relative buffs (like d/f+1+2,2 into DGF etc).

Bring Back:
- Clonimitsu side throw

- Tekken 3 outfit with a unique Rage Art (i.e. King)
- Pre Round movement i.e. Tekken 4

- All backfists (f+2 etc) spin the opponent into BT again
- d/b+2 fists having a hitbox on both sides (back as well as front)

EDIT -- Added the f,f,f+2 running variation. I completely forgot about it. This version auto-extends on any hit and can be turned into rage drive with :1+2.
EDIT 2 - Added fixing 3~4 when buffering after another move. No more TRAGIC 3!

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Good job on the ideas guys. None of them really sound unreaistic. Quite a lot of them I hope for myself. Clonimitsu throw, and maybe one or 2 new Clonimitsu moves would be amazing. I apologise in advance if I stack with any other existing thoughts and ideas. I'll try not to, and add a few bits. Although the following aren't my main hopes.

D/f2 should be a higher class launcher like it used to be in previous games. You used to be able to do things like df2, uf~n4. This would help make the max df2, ff4 combo less strict to time.

NSS KIN2 should either be safer, have different properties, or have an extention like in 1SS. As it stands it's near useless.

Transitions from IND should be less vulnerable to floats.

CD2 -13 would be nice.

Make uf3+4~ d1+2 a grounded reset again.

F3+4, FLE1+2, CD2 should work on axis, or it should be safer.

F3+4~b on successful power crush should grant a free BT punish or soooomething. Worst PC in the game.

NSSf3+4 should launch or be safer. Or make it safe and remove PC property.

BT1,2 should be an NC.

Make standing 4 faster. CH4,4 should grant CD2, S!

Give NSSd1+4 invulnerable frames.

UB1+2~1,1~ B hitting late in the animation should consistently grant CD2 float.

NSSub1+2~1+2 should not be launchable.

Make uf3 like it used to be. It hit deeper and crushed a bit better.

If I think of anything else I'll add. Just top of my head.


I wanted to add something but Grey listed all my ideas :) 

OK... maybe... I feel there should be also more links from NSS back to 1SS like for example NSS d+2,2,1 could be a slightly different move that would transition back to 1SS.

Also, I would really welcome uf+3+4, b+1 not jumping back on hit - stay in place.

KIN -> IND butt stomp transition :) Could be in NSS instead of KIN u+1+2

Some of the transitions you listed are sick! I want them all :D

Truth be told, I am not very good with annotations, so I will not comment anything about them. But I really dig the term "Clonimitsu" xD

I would like to see some outfits more close to Yoshi's early designs, like his first P1 outfits (Tekken & Tekken 2).

And, of course, something that has been in my wishlist for about 20 years now: I really want to see what is under that mask :*)

Make 4~3 hitbox more consistant. I encounter this situation far to often.. Yoshi goes under magic 4's (and other leg moves) only to change sides with my opponent making both whiff, even though I deserved to get my combo... 

Give yoshi soul calibur manji crave fist! :P

Add more range to d/b+2,2 series I rarely use it for fc mix ups due to the poor range even though it high crushes. 

I have a simliar problem with b+1,1 series. The string has very good properies, but i find it problematic to use it due lack range and speed. 

It's should have more range for it to travel fruther, or have it's speed buffed so that it's more useful up close. Either way it would be cool. 

Make qcb,f+2 breakable, it's unbreakable for dumb some reason. Image the mindgames between that and qcf+2 

Give yoshi a sick wall bounce move, so that his wall combo damage is improved overall. 


Well since Season 2 is already announced for release on Sept 6, I doubt this thread would be up for consideration on that patch. I would still like to keep a wish list though. Dreaming is free o:)