The blood ring comics

Yes, I thought about it, too. :)

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Pages 118 - 123 up.

Interesting!... I hope that some more action will soon take place, involving that video-casette ghost... ^^

Pages 124 - 128 up.

In order to keep the pages in order and thus make the browsing easier, I've split the comic now into three folders, one containing pages 1-99, the second having 100-199 and the third holding the extras.

To Tenshi: Patience, patience... there will be action coming ASAP. :p

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I'm back... (vacations, two weeks being offline...)

Yeah, I like the scene with girls. :) But Yoshi adoring the view of destruction after detonating a bomb kinda scared me. :) He sounded almost like a psycho, Brr!

"How beautiful, is it not?" asked V himself when blowing up the Old Bailey. :D

Next two pages up. Now we're gettin' somewhere. :)

I wonder, whas that Kogamitsu, dressed up as a geisha? I kinda couldn't recognize the face. :) (and that's exactly why they make such makeups, huh? :))

Erm... no, that geisha was Koga's nurse, Miyuki, or at least that she would be called in western countries. :)

As you might have noted, Kogamitsu is not very stable character... She assaulted Bryan without a second thought and mouthed him, but when Yoshi's present her behaviour changes immediately. One might say she's a little afraid of Yoshimitsu.

But then again, who wouldn't be?

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I wonder what more you can show as for your conception of Yoshi's character... He's not a joker we know from TK/SC series. :) I think there's still a little smart boy in the body of experienced, old warrior...

Arh - haven't read on your comic for a long time.

*sob, sob*

I'll have a look at it sooner or later *Thumbs up*


I believe im too far behind to even begin. God, why did i not discover this site earlier!

It's never too late to begin. It's pretty fast read, you know. :)

Pages 151 - 153 up.

PS. Tenshi - there's a little smart-@$$ living in all of us :D

good job on the whole comic, anyway i think that part when bryan said to yoshi do you ming me having a frag and then yoshimitsu has it for him was tick and poper rude.

nice one can't wait for the next pages

Dunno if I like seeing Yoshi's face...he's a man of many mysteries, and I think it's better that way.

That said, really nice story, and it illuminates a point I made in an IM recently: Other than the Mishimas, Yoshi and Bryan now have what is probably the deepest subplot to the story. Great stuff.


you really have to admit, bryan and yoshi make a dream team.

i mean they are both robots after all.:D