The blood ring comics

OK :) Still waiting for the next page, though. :)

I see that Brianna made her appearance. :) I thought that this character would be Bryan's sister, and now: a mother? :) Anyway, it's very interesting!

Will it be revealed who Yoshi fought with?

I was too busy to complete the next page, but I'm finishing up page 91 at the moment, so... :D

I won't tell much of the attack in The Blood Ring, because it will be included in the first part (Path of Endurance) with greater detail.

***If anyone is reading/going to read the first part of my story series (The Blood Ring is actually part II of the series), there are spoilers incoming:***

Brianna, being ten years older than Bryan, was the closest thing to a mother Bryan ever had. Their mother died giving birth to Bryan, and soon afterwards their father became an alcoholist. Brianna quit school to take care of her brother. After their father became extremely violent, she fled from their home with Bryan.

The story behing the fight I mentioned in The Blood Ring occured as following; Brianna came home late from work, when she saw a Japanese couple walking in the rough part of downtown. The couple got attacked by a random(?) gang of thugs, and Brianna decided to help them out. You can guess how surprised she was to find out how good a fighter the Japanese man was. The man's wife was pregnant, but she managed to escape from the scene after the man - Yoshimitsu - told her to. The gang focused its attack on Brianna, who would've got shot if Yoshimitsu hadn't "disarmed" the gunner.

Pages 89, 90 and 91 up. :p

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YEAH! I'm going there to read them all :)

EDIT: Whooo, this is so cute :) Bryan hugging Yoshi... Maybe that's why Yoshi is hesitant to kill Bryan in a second? ^^ He killed his comrades after all...

I wonder what explanation to this deed will be. :)

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Well... that's one reason. Ask me, he would have many reasons not to kill Bryan without a second thought (not that he wouldn't have the right to...).

The main reason, no matter what, is that it is never easy to take a human life. Not even from one who's already labeled as "dead". (At this point, Bryan would tap my shoulder and say; "Hey, don't label me! Do I look like a can of soup!?" :D)

Yup, you're right... Although Namco wants to make Bryan really a cold-blooded psycho.

Do you visit Suekichi's site? :) There are some drawings of Yoshi and Bryan. Some may prove to be an inspiration for you. :)

Yeah, I visit the site every now and then. I really, really like some of the pics, and they do serve as a source of inspiration sometimes. It would help, though, if I understood all the explanations of the pics.

One of my definite favorites is the blue'ish pic of Bryan, with "Sony" written upside down. I liked it so much I made a pic very much like it in the art lessons at school, using pastels. :D

But there was one pic that made me loose a night's sleep. As far as I can tell, there's Bryan in the pic, alright, and he's wearing his dog tag and all, but... what on earth is the meaning of the foot in the pic? O_O"

I literally spent a night, my eyes wide open, just pondering the pic. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to know what the text said beneath it...

Edit: Paid a visit to the pic and checked what it was called. Believe me or not, the comment of the pic was "ごめんなさい" - "Gomen nasai" "Forgive me". Wooot? :dontgetit

Edit II:
Now, if anyone's interested, Yoshimitsu has made his appearance in the first part of the series. It's called Path of Endurance (there's a link in my sig to it). Yoshi comes in in chapter 12.

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Koga: why haven't you published your fan fiction in our Fan Fiction section? o_O...

I didn't have time to read it, honestly... (many things on my head now...), but surely I will.

I think Path of Endurance (the first part, at least) doesn't fit in here, since it's a Bryan fanfic...

The other parts... well, The Evergreen Bowl the movie is already here, and I'm working on The Blood Ring, and I think the Grande Finale would fit in here as wel. :)

(Page 92 up, Spirit Yoshimitsu ver. 2. up, a new scene rehearsal up)

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Not really, Koga :)

See Moonflower's fan fiction, there's no word about Yoshi there...
Personally, I would love you to publish your fan fic on Manjikai...... :dozingoff

Hmm... well, if it's okay with you... then sure! I think I'll upload the fixed version of the story, since there are quite the few grammar mistakes in the original one.

But today, I'll have to go to an instructor course. Our judo-sensei insisted I would take part of it, since it's a part of graduating the next belt.

Uploaded two first chapters. Running a grammar check on the rest ten chapters...

Edit n:o 2:
Some new artworks up. I feel like a very school-friendly person, getting sick right before the summer holidays. Which means I'm not going to access school's scanner for a looooooong time. Instead, I'll have to use the one in our library. Sigh... :(

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I have read all chapters of Path of endurance...I caught some slight mistakes, if you like, I can check the text for it again... anyway, it was great! Now I'm looking at Bryan slightly from the other side... (sad but true :P hey, jokin!)

BTW, your style of drawing in the BR Comics is getting better and better! O_O I caught myself staring on how well you draw face expressions. Great work!

Hehehe.... stop, you're embarrasing me! :D

By the way, I got coloring pencils today. I'm not sure whether I'll color the last couple pages or not, but I think I'll have to experience around a little with the pens first.

BTW, don't miss the two comic strips I uploaded. I was a little bored the other day and I just began doodling... I hope you like them. :)

But.... where are the scripts? :)

Ehm... what scripts? O_O

oh well... STRIPS :)

I guess I'm tired ^^ So... what strips did you mean? ^^