The blood ring comics

Wooo hoooo!

Koga, once again I'm impressed! The comics you drew is fantastic! I can't wait to see next pages. :) Tell me if you need more space in case it were running out.

Also, in the future we can place all the pages in an order, on the separate page. What do you think?

Just one question: What's the thing on Yoshimitsu's cheeks, near his ears? Some kind of a tatoo?

Hey, nice thread here.
I gotta say Koga's comic is pretty damn impressive. Keep 'em coming kid.:D

Tenshimitsu : Just one question: What's the thing on Yoshimitsu's cheeks, near his ears? Some kind of a tatoo?
Erm... they're sideburns. :blush
Well, yes, if you like the comic, you can put it into a separate page. I don't mind at all.

Gosh... I'm kinda flattered that you started a topic about it. I was about to give up on it already, but I got re-inspired and decided to continue.

Oh? Sideburns? Yoshi must have been hurt severely/several times...

Can you describe me him, especially his face? :) Eyes, eyebrows, all the scars, etc? I would like to draw your vision of Yoshi, if you don't mind. :)

Ehm... sideburns are beard growing from the root of hair all the way down to cheeks. Ganryu and Heihachi, for example, have nice sideburns too. Pretty usual sight, I'd venture to say. They're called 'pulisongit' in Finnish, and I had to look from the dictionary what would they be called in English... hehe...

Describe? I suck at describing things, that's why I almost never write any fictions, I nearly always have to draw what's on my mind to have others understand what I'm saying. But heck, I'll give it a try.

Being at least originally Japanese, he has black hair, and judging from his current lifestyle and old-fashioned code of honor, I'd even venture to say it's long, black hair (not as long as mine, though. He keeps it short enough so it won't block his vision during the fights, unlike me and my hair :D). And since he was mechanized back in who knows when and updated more often than my computer, I say his appearance quit aging back then. That's why he looks way younger than that of his real age.

His scars vary from different kind of battle scars to a little scar across his lips (Kunimitsu gave it... she had long nails and perhaps Yoshimitsu was in a 'little too good mood'? :D). He got the scar that crosses his face about twenty years ago, defending his fiance from an attacker when she was pregnant.

(Now, before the flaming begins, may I say something? I would be rather dissappointed to find out Yoshimitsu has no offspring. I mean, come on! What has the guy been doing all his life? He can't be helping the poor 24/7, no one's sanity can take that, I tell you. Besides, if the sword runs in the family, Yoshimitsu, too, has to make sure he keeps up the tradition. Now I shall take cover under my table and wait for you to throw rotten Tekkens at me :D)

(Another note concerning the comic - even though the girl that calls Yoshimitsu "otosan" is named Kogamitsu, she by no means represents me. She was named Kogamitsu even before I joined the old YOT, so my nick is a ripoff from hers.)

Apart from the scars, Yoshi looks pretty ordinary (when Bryan came into the agency, he didn't recognize his own rival!). I imagined he had bright green eyes. You know... something like an aura from the sword itself.

Aside from that, Yoshimitsu has a great sense of humor. ("Well... I just thought he'd like his beer with some saliva.") That's his weapon against grief, and he uses it as efficiently as Tenshimitsu uses Yoshimitsu himself. His specialty is to make others feel better with humor, either joking about himself to about the cause of the grief.

Perhaps now you understand what I meant about I sucking at describing. I like to demonstrate things in practical situations or draw them out (I would make a terrible math teacher). But to dig up more characterizing of Yoshi, I would think he's not very picky about his title as the leader of the Clan. If some ninja - by mistake - calls him by his first name, he will think nothing of it. "So what? I call them by their first names as well."

Yoshimitsu in The Blood Ring is practically identical to Yoshimitsu in Rautanyrkki. A +100% more masculine, however, since it was me myself behind Yoshi's mask in the movie. I displayed my vision of Yoshi quite well in Rautanyrkki, even if I say it myself.

I hope this was at least little helpful... just throw a message at me, and I try and provide more answers, if you need.

Your comic is great. I saw it and read some of it. You did a great job.

I'll give myself a try (with drawing Yoshi) :) I don't know if I succeed, though :)

I am sure you will do fine.

Three pages uploaded... and a serious writers' block received. :dozingoff

Hmm... I should've thought this through even before beginning to upload the comic. At any rate, the plot of the comic is not polished and refined, but ready, nonetheless. I know (emphasis on the work "know") that you're going to dislike - even hate - the ending of the story, mainly because of my affection to mr. Fury. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill off Yoshimitsu. Anyway, my point is that I won't change the script. So enjoy the comic as long as you can, and quit reading when you're beginning to hate me. But please don't PM me saying that the ending sucks - since I know it myself, already.

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Hoo hoo :) If I were Bryan, I would surely lose the upcoming fight, I would become too careless, watching the eeeem... nice Kunoichi's outfit. :)

I'm getting more and more interested!
P.S. I love the "desperation" motive in stories and comics. I generally pay a lot of attention to psychological aspects of any storyline...

Something to defend Kogamitsu's (the kunoichi, not me...) boots.

I showed the page to a friend of mine before our "Elders' Dance" lessons (when the eldest of the High School retire to read before the matriculation examination, we are the eldest in the building; thus for one day, we dress old-fashioned and dance the dances that people danced in the kings' castles during baroque and rococoo), and the friend said "That's ridiculous! No one can fight with that kind of heels!"

So I demonstrated few punches and kicks, and she believed me. And why? Ta-dah; here are the shoes I dance with:
(added the ruler to show the lenght of the heel. I got 11,5 cm, and I think it's quite accurate)

So don't go complaining about the heels. They're not so hard to fight with. :D

I'm not complaining, I'm actually adoring Kunoichi's outfit, that is... well, I think Bryan wouldn't be absorbed by high heels, he would rather pay attention to "big blue eyes" and long, slender legs. :)

I thought power was Bryan's turn-on, not blue eyes and long legs. :dontgetit But I guess you're right.

I'm sorry, I best say no more or I'll blurt out spoilers. Just why is it that you always guess what's going on in my mind, Tenshimitsu? :D
Tenshimitsu : Shiki soku ze kuu after all. :)
There's a certain amount of "kuu" inside my head, alright... :D

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Heh, have no idea. :) Maybe it's because of that psycho(logical) part of my interests...
Or the Void element, LOL :p

Shiki soku ze kuu after all. :)

It could be. Who knows. ^^