What does this Yoshimitsu quote mean? "Sen kyukyu banroi"

 "Sen kyukyu banroi" from one of his Tekken Tag 2 intros, does anyone know what this means? I know another Yoshi quote "Shiki soku ze kū" is like a Buddhist saying about form and emptiness so maybe this also has meaning behind it...

Edit: Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX69gZ3zqOk

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He probably says 千客万来 (senkyaku banrai)
Which means "million customers / roaring business" - it's a welcome caption on Japanese shops.
Yoshi probably laughs that there's so many opponents and welcomes anybody wanting to come at him ;)

Ohh, so that's what that means, thanks! The mystery has finally been solved haha I love that intro

I didn't know that!

Ha, what a quote xD