YOT Community General discussion part 2

We can continue chatting here :)

Dropping by to say 'hiya!' to everyone here, since I am too lazy to make my own thread/topic. :P

First off, the website looks amazing! It has a very professional and 'official' feel to it. ^.^ ♡

And the other thing - oh, you didn't know I was going to post another thing? :P Here goes! :D {yesss now watch me abuse the smileys, as i am addicted to such cute things!! hehehe}}

anyway, I was still sleeping in late when my twin got home from work yesterday afternoon - the sound of his opening the door leading into the basement room we're currently staying in at the family's place
* made me stir from sleep, and while in this between worlds state of dreams and being awake {the one that Peter Pan talks about to Wendy!}, I micro-dreamed that Yoshimitsu was sitting in Micky's chair and greeted him with, "Yoshi Yoshi! Good fortune to you!" which made me want to laugh.

I groggily sat up amused, and then related my funny little micro-nap as I was waking up, which we laughed about, and then my twin told me about how signing the lease for our new place went and such. Just a fun little story to share! ^.^ especially since I haven't dreamt of Yoshi-san in a while . . . not since that dream with him helping me exorcise a demon {yaayy, too much Constantine for meee u.u'} which was sometime last year, heh. :P

*until we get our own place, which we thankfully just did - yaassss ^___^ ♡

edit: nuuu!! what happened to mah smileys?? D: . . . ehh, tis awright. ^^; . . . also, this was Yoshi-san from SC3 1P costume, just a friendly FYI, since curiousity and such might be lurking out thereee. ^-^

Hello,  it haven't been on here in a long time but I would still like to know how everyone is doing these days.. anyone getting tekken 7?

How is Tekken 7? Anybody playing yet? :) . . . Hopefully we'll get it soon, but first - moving. 

I have gotten the ps4 version and i've played it, and it's awesome. Yoshi feels fantastic to play this time around so much that it's my favorite version so far even more than T5.

I don't have the console yet, but by the next month I'll be ready to have some fun with tekken again. I'm slowly try to brainwash people to try out tekken and give it a shot since it's new. I doing this everytime a new tekken comes out btw (I have no shame XD). but so far I've gotten more succes than usual (thank goodness)  

All I've been doing lately is playing Tekken 7, it's so much fun. It's a little uneventful for me personally since I don't go out much as I would like. Now that Tekken 7 is out, I stay home even more. I go out with co-workers from time to time and I try my best to meet the Tekken community when I meet them. For now though, I'll most likely be spending most of my time in my room glued to my PS4.

Tekken 7 is fantastic, and Yoshimitsu is now really enjoyable to play :)
I'm torn between enhancing Manjikai and playing practice/online mode.

All this talk and news makes me wanna revive my Yoshimitsu cosplay project - I was working on that a year ago, but, again, moving! u.u' . . . I'm tired of moving, man. But things should smooth out in July, so I'll work on my cosplays again. yay. ♡

Found a short video of some yoshi specifics towards Eliza pretty cool stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmSj5teqW_4&feature=youtu.b


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Hey, how has everyone been? ❤

I'm so happy about Yoshimitsu making an appearance in the upcoming SC game! ​​​​❤

Makes me think about reviving my old SC novel series again - I took a break from it since early 2017, but okay, now's a good time as ever to resume working on dem! ❤

~ Pris 

Do iiiiiit!

Life is good over here. Cali is so nice. Been active in Tekken more than ever. Whoever's going to Evo I'll see you guys there!

Merry Christmas, holidays or what ever you folks celebrate, and have a happy new years eve as well :)

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing OK~!

Doing well. Sup Sparky.

Hey dude! It's been a long time! How are you doing?