Iza iza iza izazazazaaaaa ^^

im Osman (genc just means young )
I`m 27 years old and a hobbyartist

beware of terrible english
Im turkish and I live in Germany so I`m really strugling with 3 languages here


The reason why I am here is that met Tenshimitsu on twitter. I ways being a Tekken fan since 1998 and olso in martial arts . Like everyone I like to draw and since almost 1 year I started animation in Adobe Flash CC especially frame by frame-animation, because that was the only solution of drawing motsly the same things(samurai,ninjas,Cyborgs and that stuff )

After a while I realized that im getting more and more better with it and started more detailed animaitons (16frames per second fps) .It was fun and my goal was to find more tekken fans who maybe like my stuff (unfortunatly,found almost nothing in youtube) .So I wanted a 2-4 mins video with some tekkenchars fighting and a ryu cameo.
(who would know that I should draw Akuma that time and then ppl would ask me how I knew that haha)

Anyway the bigproblem was that it was very time consuming (slow tempo and results)and I olso have a realife so it depends on a person who draw 1 hour for 1(remember 16 pics per second) and still gets motivated.


|  NOW    |

I found SFM-Source Filmmaker where u can animate models(obj. files) like GarrysMod AND I found besides few Tekken chars Yoshimitsu and many Soul Calibur chars.As an artist who love 2 animate , I saw a chance to go on with my hobby and express my creative thoughts in 3D animation .

So I decided to do an Yoshimitsu SFM-animation and its after I uploaded some short clips with Yoshimitsu I. and II. I met Tenshimitsu who wrotes all this woderfull informations,therorys that Im totally hyped of Yoshi`s story xD and started animating an short movie about his story between Soulc Calivur IV and V time which should be done in this month (depends on the resources I use) .

I think I wrote now everything in my mind lol 

p.s.:the last time I was an active member in a forum/blogs is 4 years ago so I will try my best ^^

Hey there and welcome =)

It's always nice to see new people around and hopefully you will enjoy your stay. 
About your tekken and fighting game content, I would glad check it out.
As one who grew up watching tekken fanart and fanfiction, I would be glad to see something besides high level matches and gameplay for once.

I hope you will have more luck with finding people who are into it .but as long as you enjoy whay you do, it will be up to time to do the rest, I mean you found this place and now you have an other person to watch your tekken content  

I don't think anybody will judge you on the language difficulties, I can understand where you're comming from with this, as one who's trying to learn some German and people around here are few and none of them are judgemental. 

Oh and btw check out site files if you already haven't you'll find lot's of awesome yoshi lore and analyses. 

I already did ,fantastic resources almost cant get enough :D
 I opened a blog about animating Yoshimitsu . I`ll try to update weekly ^^

Im thinking about to post in my blogs private youtube links of my videos which I finished (fo ideas ,advices what could be better) but Ill will think about bcause unfortunatly I sign up in a time where this forum is not so well visited :D I hope it gets better when  release Tekken 7 .I will definetly put this website to my credits in the end of the video

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Welcome welcome.

I've seen your works on Twitter, great stuff. Glad to see another fan do media with Yoshimitsu. Hope to see more.

It is a shame you joined during this dry spell of activity here. I do believe however that Yoshi is endearing enough for people to join in or come back. Yoshi fans are alwas welcome here.

See you around :D

Lets see the positive way . Sometimes u need active loyal(loyality confi,i dunno xD) members to stay on the green line .I mean in the earlyier years I was a forum with ,i htink an a age of 17 and was active till 24 ,I met such nice ppl around the time that Im little curious what happened after this :D

Anyway ,this site really inspired(that means a lot after u get old haha an aint anymore in the kidsage where u get inspired my everythingh ehe) me and I will upload a official Intro of my movie in 23 minutes  on twitter where this site will named .

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