Havent We Been Here Before?

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Hehehe, I confess that when I first saw him, my soul went, "Ah there you are!", and I was like, "Wait, what? What's THAT about?!" 

In a lot of ways, him and his music, as well as the other musicians I had gotten into, really opened me up spiritually. Some laughter, some tears, but most of all, a lot of growth. Oh, and LOTS and LOTS of PAIN!! Tenshimitsu would be proud, I think!!

But cos you played drums, you get extra brownie points from me!  I love you all, but drummers just have a soft spot in my heart, yo. :3

Speaking of music, one of my brothers is talking with his best friend about starting a band. Our other brother and me would be in it too. Four people, that's not bad for starting a band. Just gotta smooth the details out over the next few years. I really hope it goes somewhere!!

And thanks man for getting Charlie back on da Yoshi-board.

Re: SumSamurai

Charlieeeeeeee, hiya!! ^_^ I feel like such an ass for being dumb enough to lose contact with you -- let alone ever disappear from Manjikai. My sincere apologies! I was so happy to see your PM, thankyou for signing in! I know tis a big deal since I noticed you hadn't logged in since January {yes I checked. . . I'm a total creeper like dat, yo.}

One of my fondest memories is playing Tekken 6 on New Year's Eve as Baek Doo San. I wanted to get his ending before the clock struck midnight!!  Thankfully I did, just in the nick of time!  Literally. I am really looking forward to Tekken 7, though! Squid-Yoshi is sooo COOL!!

Charlie, if you do digital art, maybe we could figure out a way to multi-livestream together? We could draw all kinds of ridiculous and stupid Yoshi and Tekken things together, while everybody's watching, and going, "Whaaa!!" Or is that too crazy!

Ooh, blessings!!  But do I get apple pie?! I really really love me some apple pie!! I love Yoshimitsu ALMOST as much as I love apple flavoured everything!!



</br>Hahah Yes AK told me you were back here and i was like 'OHHHHHMAHGAWD1!!!!  Haven't seen Pris online for years, thought I'd never see her again Waaaaah!!  You have seriously made my day!   Nothing quite like the feeling reuniting with good friends.   

I don't do so much digital art, since i'm rather unskilled at it now,  but i'll try !!!!   I could never get on with the waccom bambo.... And I can't afford a cintiq... :'(

Oh and I make an Apple pie to die for!!!!  Take one bite from it, and your head will explode. Hah,.   That sounded more funny in my head than how it looks written here. ;)


I'm so glad that he did, he's such a sweetie! ^.^ I become so hopeful when he mentioned you had been thinking about me, that we could reunite, and I thankyou again for our talk. You taking the time out of your evening to spend with me is something I'm grateful for, dear!
Hm. . . Gotta work something out. Okay, you can be my moderator instead on the chatboard that goes with livestreams then. Don't know if many would show up though, since I'm not a known artist, and there's just a few of us with timezones all over the world!! ^^;; After my bros and I get our webcomic on-line, should be next year, we'll probably have more active livestreams. I just know I've always wanted to do that, since I always enjoyed watching my fave artists working, and how they could talk with us right there. It's got a great touch of community spirit that I adore.

My dream is to save up for a cintiq, which I'll work on after I start working. I wish I could get one for you too, since it would be easier to use than a wacom bamboo tablet. I have one since I was 17, tis my bestie although sometimes it misbehaves on me, grr!! XD And I kept breaking the old USB wires that it uses cos I always sit in rather awkward positions {think of L from Deathnote. . . I'm not kidding, hehehe} which caused it to bend on the edge of the table with how I held it. Hard to explain, just take my word, hehehe. My brother got me a 10ft wire so I can't do that anymore, hehehe!! Smart brother. ^___^

You're making me hungry. . . =_= I should go get one of the apples, and call it a night. I know tis the evening starting, but I'm an insomniac so I haven't slept in a very loooong time by now. ^^; I'm fairly relaxed enough to try now though. I will talk to you guys all later, lots of love~~ Namu!

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