# xXAngelBoyXx : Just reporting the comments. :) Haven't played it myself.

Grey has just proposed a nice idea :)

How would like to post news on Manjikai's front page? :)
One place is reserved for Grey, who else? :)

 Arcade Trailer for Tekken 7

At 2:12 and 2:30 you can see the word/name Yoshi flying by!
Yoshi confirmed? 

# xXAngelBoyXx : At 2:12 and 2:30 you can see the word/name Yoshi flying by!
Yoshi confirmed? 

I posted this trailer on YOT News but it's currently not validating my posts lol. Just waiting on Tenshi to help sort things out.
Anyways, I saw this too and that's not actually Yoshimitsu's name, that's just a player named "YOSHI". That section talks about player data tracking and it just happens to be one of the names of players in the database. Don't mean to discourage anyone but I don't want to people to get the wrong idea from this trailer. I still believe Yoshi is in the roster of course.

I couldn't have said it better myself grey. I just can't imagine a canonlogical game without him either, however it's think cool to get some new tekken info, so thanks for the post, to the both of you =) 


A little late but the Arcade Trailer article I wrote is up now. Had some posting issues but they've been resolved so my posts should be a little more timely in the future. I read and follow a lot of Tekken news all around so I'll share any articles of interest here for the Manji clan. 

til then, xiao :D

Hey fellas, yoshimattsu and I are have consistant online sparring matches every Sunday at 15:00 PM GMT+1 (my time) So if there is anyone willing to join tomorrow, feel free to Add me psn, is YaxxbassXD and I will add you to a lobby.

We hope to see you there ^^ 

End results from last time went 10 - 2 to matt! 

GG's buddy =) 

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 Good games brother, it's been a ton of fun so far!!

 GGs to you guys the other night. It's more obvious after I watched the replays but lag held back what could have been some great matches. Still had fun though and it was nice playing with both of yas 

That's great to hear from a class act as youself grey (my inner fan girl ^^ ) Mr. consistent comboes on 1 bar!  

 Thanks for the beat down man! Always a pleasure, very impressive combo awareness and general Yoshi badassery 

Alright people, the online matches have been great and I have gotten my arse handed over everytime since it started, it's been fun though despite that and having yoshi matches and picking up few tricks along the way.  However it ends for now, since i'm gone for the rest of the December next weekend, but make no mistake, I will get my revenge in the next year, so beware fellas 

So just in case that I forget, may you guys have a Merry christmas and a Happy new year   

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 If you are bored during vacation break, have a good read from the link here :)


I'm now reading this book and I must say it's awesome :)