The next generation

 I'm tired as hell from last night, picked up the xbox one and got killer instinct.

You guys it's an amazing game, and this is just a thread to let anyone know who has what console.

Few things I want to bring up: The game itself is only $20, the mechanic itself is satisfying, and there's no lag online from what I can tell :D 

This is the fighting game I'm going to play until a new game that features Yoshimitsu comes out. What sucks is that it also uses the 6 button configuration, so heavy punch and heavy kick are the right bumper and right trigger -_- might want to get a stick if I want to take it to the next level... Anyways, here's a recommendation from me, and to let you guys know that if you happen to have it to, I "think" my gamertag is xKyril

You know ever since I began to watch maxilians KI videos, I've been super hyped for the game =)  I'm also so glad to that a freaking old fighting game that gets a return after 18 years of absence. It really shows that some people still gives a damn about these games, even when the interest in fighting games are is getting lower and lower each year. 

Oh and btw, can you tell about your impressions of the game along the way, I would love to hear that =) 

 Dude, Max came to Seattle just yesterday! I could have met him but I was busy, he was invited to host a tournament here by Microsoft, ughhhhh lol

So far I love how the mechanics are, it's a back and forth of cat and mouse, very offensive playstyle. The core of the game are the combos, which are a 'little' hard to pull off because you really need to know what your character's moves are and be able to throw them out as you're pulling one off at a pretty fast pace... that's kind of hard to understand lol, but let's say you're throwing combos via autos doubles and linkers, you have to constantly mix it up so that you don't get your combo broken, so most of the game you won't do the same combo twice

Then when you're getting hit by a combo you have to second guess what your opponent is going to throw, and generally you have a 2/3rd's chance to break his combo (light, medium, heavy), and if you don't you're screwed for a good 3 seconds lol

It kind of sucks how we don't have much else like story or the rest of the character roster, but for being a budget game priced at $20 that was developed just around a year, it's a good damn game, and hey the developers actually listen to the fans :P Not something you see very often

What is your favourite character in this game? :)

I remember I played it a long, long time ago in the arcades. Is it still a 2D game?

Yeah it is, well, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 2D

But my favorite so far is Jago, but there are two more characters coming out in a few months which is spinal and fulgore, and fulgore might be my favorite :D

Anyways if you want to see more of Killer instinct just search it up on youtube or maximilian's videos he puts a lot of them up.

The (i think it's called netcode) of this game is the best in any fighting game that's ever come out, almost everything is instantaneous, no lag, and when a person does have a hiccup in their internet, the game compensates by freezing the game instead of lagging it

When people say 2d in fighting game terms they are in general refering to if you can't sidestep or sidewalk.

KI looks pretty appalling to me even though usally 2d style games doesn't really trigger my "I need this shit" button. I don't really like anime look or the share speed of 4-5ish frame move and invisble moves.

KI however don't have the anime style visuals which is kickass  (It's just a personal thing really, but damn anime is everywhere in fight games!)   

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The biggest anime style I can think up off the top of my head is guilty gear, blaz blue and skull girls lmao

But yeah you can't side step or side walk

I have a strange relationship with anime/manga, see the thing is that I kinda hate some of the tendencies I modern anime, first of all it's all to bright and there is clours everywhere that really bugs me for some reason, which is very subjective but still a minus in my book. Second Is mostly everything is see is about freaking High school and teenagers why can't they move on from that. <img abp="895" alt="" src="/images/smilies/cursing.png" /><br abp="792" /><br abp="793" />Anyways is stay on topic  <img abp="1207" alt="" src="/images/smilies/tongue.png" />  How's your ultras going Kai and mostly do have some gameplay to show us now =)  

Lol yeah Animes these days are getting so saturated that the only ones that stand out are the ones that do something way, way...... WAY out of the ordinary. I'm still loving Ki! Even if there's only 6 characters (7 very, very soon, hopefully they''ll show him in today's Double Helix livestream! (Spinal!!!)), It's still a blast. My new main is Glacius, I don't even know how I switched from Jago to Glacius but it happened lol. I don't really record gameplay but I could start, and then maybe show you guys things I've learned. I have been doing one thing, trying at least lol. Triple Glacius ultra!

Glacius looks freaking cool(no pun intented) and I know for sure that he will be one of those I will try out first, when I get to play it  spinal seems cool in that trailer and in the screenshots, which I find pretty exiciting and surprised that I got this interested in a game that I have no plans to buy (I blame Max  )

I'm one of those people which digs and buys stuff solely based on character designs, which is why I got into fighting games and makes me motivate me to buy new ones.

I must say in a time where the character roosters gets bigger and bigger, the variation between only 6 is pretty damn impressive.

the game itself look very promising and very catchy for a fighting game with it's colourful cast,awesome sounds and when the character hits doing the ultra is the punch or kick matches the beat while while smashing the living snot of the poor bastard.

I have some few questions I would like to ask.

1st. ultras, how hard are they to pull off in general.
2nd. how is botton response Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal kombat like.
3nd. Is it worth buying a xbox to play. 

I also get fighting games mostly because I like how  a certain character looks or plays, that's how I started with Yoshitmisu :D My story with Killer Instinct is that I've played it a long, long time ago when it was on the n64, I was just a few years old at the time and I played it all the time. Watching it come out again is just a really big hit of nostalgia every time I play it. According to yesterday's livestream, we're going to see Spinal by at least Thursday ! !

What I love about this team is that they said as long as they keep making money off of the game, they'll keep growing it, so as the year goes by there will be a season two, a season three, maybe hard copies, I mean once this becomes a real, full game we're looking at at least 24 characters.

1. Ultra's are relatively easy, you just have to get their health down to I don't know 5%? Then you're allowed to do it, they're just a single input. I don't know how to say it exactly sorry, but Jago is forward, down, forward/down + lp/mp/hp , and Glacius is quartercircle forward lp/mp/hp . After you press that single command, the ultra plays out for you, which is around 30 hits. It's so much harder to pull off longer ultras because you have to start a combo before the ultra, then ultra, then instinct cancel, combo again, then ultra, then at the end you try to stretch out as much as you can with juggles. Ultra enders are the moves that can end your ultra at any time, the video I showed you showed Glacius' ultra ender 3 times, all you do is press mp/mk at any time. Useful if you don't want to wait or have your opponent wait, and it looks cool lol :P

2. I use a controller, and I don't really play those games too much but I feel like Ki3's spot on, a lot of the game's moves are very sensitive, having manual moves, and even harder to execute 1 frame moves and there's definitely nothing stopping you from achieving it. You'll even get those moves online, because the netcode's just that damn good

3. Personally, in my honest opinion, not yet. I was an early adopter, got the Xbox One as soon as I could, and what happened? Well there really weren't much games to play on it. Months later all I've been playing is Killer instinct and Battlefield 4 over and over and over again, and it will be a few more months until we can get a slightly bigger list of good games. Titanfall, Watchdogs, Destiny, to name a few. Now, if you're not planning on getting anything other than fighting games, then sure! Killer instinct is the fighting game to live on, with constant updates, being able to participate with the community, have your voice heard, help build the game, and beat the crap out of people in ranked lol and hey! We'll definitely have to match up if you do ;)

Thinking about next gen fighting games, have you seen the new MK teaser yet if not please go watch it here 

I dig the darkness around the forest as they fight , and I hope that would be a thing that's in the final version. the bright colurs that some stages has kinda feels silly and lighthearted in a brutal game like MK. 

I not know how I feel about the assumingly returned interactables from Injustice, wasn't a fan of them in the first place but perhaps it's more refined than before? 

 Yeah I saw it, it looks great, and surprisingly the trailer showed a lot of what was going to be in the fully released game, I haven't been a fan of MK but who knows maybe I'll get this one

I think you should, because it's a supricingly fun game when you get into it, it's way better than it's rep too and finally since you already have a next gen console, I could consider it a must buy =)

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