Soul Calibur V discussion thread

Been messing around with the game lately and had some fun experincesmoments with the game, both solo and versus.

I'm taking a big liking to the whole aspect of really have to focus on maintaining the most effective range of your character due the characters difference in reach.   Ring outs, guard, breaks,impact just guards as well, and the overall fun and the more obvious movement compaired too Tekken, where you don't jump by holding U but sidewalk instead crouching vise versa, it really makes it more newcomer friendly which I have tested of cause. The side stepping or dashes are really cool as well and rewarding well when you time it right and make that poor sucker whiff    it feels aggressive,pressuring and makes the more high paced and that that was what sealed the deal for me. 

I'm maining Yoshimitsu for being awesome as usual and game play wise. mix ups, speed and ch damage, and Aeon or Lizardman for being a dragon scaley, fire breathing, dual axe wielding, flesh eating, able to fly with his feathers, humanoid reptile looking and animal sounding monster.
When think of it, I always play the weird characters with masks or those thats not human  

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 To be honest I've always liked Soulcaliber more than Tekken so I play it more, if you want a cool Yoshimitsu try making a new character based on his model (not from scratch). Depending on how far you've gotten and how much accessories you've unlocked you can make a very personalized character and it makes things just more fun and badass :D If you have it for xbox give me a shout

I was never really much big on customizing, besides minor things like color even in racing games, because just like with cars, I like the orginal form and its a designed with those features in mind, so changing that would just be strange, hell I would even give MK some credit for not following the titelwave, but that's just my opinion  . Sure making a character your own is cool option, and then I will be able to make Kunimitsu based on Natsu, because I can't stand Natsu cocky attiude for some reason  And mostly making joke characters based on Voldos fighting style for the lulz. 

I can understand why you would pick SC over Tekken. It seems more colorfull than Tekken and with lots of stuff to do with creation mode. 

PS. haven't got an xbox only ps3