Your fav SC character......

Hey everyone.
I just wanna say that since this forum is new and the Tekken one has a topic like this, why not SC?
Please post your fav chars mainly story-wise, and if you play some good then post em' too.
For me story wise I could say Yoshi (of course), Taki, Seong Mina and Hwang. Gameplay wise I play Seong Mina the best, but I also try to master Hwang (as for Yoshi, I like the Tekken one MUCH better).

Will anyone post here?? Please.

I suppose everybody posted in similar topics in all other forums in the net... so that's why it may seem to be underestimated.

My presonal favourites are Yoshimitsu, Lizardman and Taki. :) I can't tell much about their stories yet, but I like their appearance :)

I'm Yoshi obsessed all the way. :D
My other favs include Nightmare, Voldo, Mitsurugi, Siegfried and Ivy.

Thanks for the spotlight. Yeah I know it's a standard topic, but oh well :) Thanks for the posts Tenshi.
PS- I won't tell your SC secret to anyone:)

I only have SC 2 and don't play it much anymore but Yoshi's definitely my favorite. After that comes Kilik but I never got all that good with him.

b b 2+4, best move in the game ;)

I have a list of Favroites.

Orginal Fighters

1. Yoshimitsu

2. Zasalamel

3. Tira

4. Lizardman

5. Olcadan (( He mimics other fighters but I like his persaonlity))

My own Characters

1.Mitsuko (( my ninja))

2. Niobe ((my assassian))

3/ Kiyoshi (( my samurai))

my favorit caratures are-

top 3

My number one, of course, is Yoshimitsu. :D
2: Cervantes
3: Taki
4: Danja (my own Pirate-assassin)
5: Voldo

I really never liked Voldo too much nor am I a big Cervantes fan

cerventes is wierd
voldo just scares me

I only have SC2

but i use yoshimitsu, kilik, and voldo
and my brothers always use nightmare

it'll probably be the same in sc3, though Zasalamel seems pretty good

My tastes mimic Bigchief's exactly.

my brother likes to play as voldo and killik

I usually play with my custom characters and Yoshimitsu and sometimes Taki