Greetings Everyone

Hi I am new to the forum it is fancy, so I will need to get use to it.
1st of all I joined this forum because Yoshimitsu rules -think about it- he does not act like what creul society expects-he acts himself. He likes web surfing-COOL. Yoshimitsu Carries Lightsabres and Katanas -He can totally take out Obi-wan, Quigon-Jin, and Darth Maul combined. He is righteous and gives to the poor. He is like Robin Hood, but he is a naturist not a crook. Yoshi also loves video games and being happy. : - D

He may just be a video game character, but he means a lot more to me. Yoshi inspired me to join bujikan ninjitsu, he taught me to do what I want and no one can stop me. I have a pacemaker for my heart so I kind of am a bit mechanicalized. That is how I got the nickname "Roboninja"-call me Aaron if you like. Yoshi also taught me about respect, honor, and how to plant bonsais-but :( sadly my bonsai died in a winter storm. Yoshi needs a videogame of his own. I would have joined Koga Ninjitsu, but it died out. People still know it, but not the complete form.

Good to have you here Roboninja. So another sheep to the flock, i like the way members are attracted to this site. it's inspirational how one little Shrine can make so many people happy by supporting mostly a single charicter. but enough of that; Glad to have you and i hope you will enjoy this site in its remodled glory.

Hello there! Welcome to the Yoshimitsu Tekken Shrine, I'm sure you're going to like it here!

Heh heh... I like your definition of Yoshimitsu :) And your story is interesting! I didn't know Yoshi inspires people to train Ninjitsu!

If you are a true Yoshi Fan (which you are, judging by your post), here you will find almost everything you want. Feel free to browse everything, download stuff, give comments, suggestions, critics, praises, or just chat with us when you're bored :)

:yesYou are new so I'm not last at least:) hehe . we are waiting for new pepople,do we?

what up roboninja, im kind of a newbie too. nice to have u here, more people to talk too. i hope to chat with u later. hope u enjoy my sic gallery. thats cool how u find yoshi as a imspiration. my imspiration is in rock music, my art and video games. without them i dont know where i would be at today. we all find hope, joy, meaning, imspiration in may things. glad to meet u robo.

Welcome, Robo!

Sorry to hear about your bonsai tree! Cool to hear Yoshimitsu has such a strong and good influence on your life :D
I hope you'll enjoy the website and forum, and that you'll be a fellow Yoshi-obsessed for a long time ^_^

Hey peoples! I'm sort of a new guy as i only registered about 2 minutes ago and my friend Perodius is showing me around and stuff. He said i should start here by introducing myself. 1stly i absolutely think Yoshimitsu ROCKS!!! I really like his new outfits-especially the one with the big hat. That is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Although i am a little disappointed that he ditched his old red lightsaber/samurai sword. That was cool. Well, that's me and i'll see you around the site. Adios!

Heya deviljin_5, welcome to the Shrine.

Mind your lasers as you go through the forums now... Tenshi wouldn't be pleased if she sees the place a bit toasted.

Hi RoboNinja! You're right, Yoshimitsu is the SUPREME RULER! (Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave Christianity to start a new religion and worship Yoshi). But still, he ROCKS!

Anyway, you're a ninja, so you should know, are real ninjas anything like you see in the movies? You know, like "Ninjas don't eat. They feed off of DANGER". (No offense). But are they really anything like that?

yelo roboninja,it's nice to see im not the only new guy around,i hope this site will continue to grow as yoshi fans around the world will.i hope to exchange new combos and strategies with u guys on how to make yoshi a formidable character to face in the game.

Welcome. That is pretty intresting. I would not mind learning a form of ninjask. I always wanted to even beofore I played Tekken.

Hello, I've come on this forum about a week a go( I can't even remember that) but I'd like to welcome everyone in here, the old and the new members.