Yoshi userbar!

There is Yoshimitsu userbat I made:

Now use it for all forums you are in xD

You might also want to check this weblog:

...and take a look at my userbar (Yoshi pic made by me, the V pic made by Kamikaze):

This is my creation:D

good stuff, folks!
I like Sakujo´s the most.

i made some userbars for Yot

all rights reserved (R) :P

Reviving an old topic to promote my own user bar (Selfish POST ALERT!)

I was cleaning out my computer and found this lying around, thought I might lurk back on to post this.

Free to be used and distributed, I personally like my things to be used

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Nice bar, i'm going to use it =)

Indeed, very nice :) Hmm... it would be nice to have a user bar download section in the future.

... and what is one supposed to do with userbars??

You can put it into your signature :)

But as far as I remember, YOT has this feature disabled by now...