Destroy the poster above

[off topic] Chewbacca ain't stupid! he's just ugly..

[on topic] Sumsamurai is simply too un-palatable for chebacca and he puked her all back up.

fastlegs was coverd in poisonous pine thistles from chopping up that poor killer tree. YOU TREE HATER!!!!

fastleggs dies from killer tree poison. Merry christmas!:D

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I don't remember having two g's in my name:D

Fastlegs injects her self with a antidote for the posion and then grabs Sumsamurai and gives her a death injection via her neck.

Merry Christmas back at you!:D

Nobody's posting!!!!

Sumsamurai goes crazy and performs seppuku and awaits the final blow.

SumSamurai,You asked for this.:D

Tombstone Piledriver fllowed by a swanton bomb, fllowed by the 619.

Sumsamurai is dead from WWE fever

*drops Bob on Fastlegs*

So I must kill you? (I think I get it)
*plays Yoshi* Now feel the power of my new combo! *harakiri*

Sumsamurai runs manically towards sakujo and tosses a rugby ball at him and runs away like hell. Sakujo watches Sumsamurai disapear into the distance and then hears the thundering feet of a 100 true ogers rugby team players behind him. They all bombard him and pile on top of him like a game of jenga.

Sakujo just ripped SumSamurai by an old scisors, because she's a GIRL and then she hits herself because she's masochist xDD

sob sob... how could you? That was a new shirt!

Ties sakujo by the hair and hangs him on the ceiling to be beaten by Marduk, bruce and steve. Yey.. the I can see left overs from the xmas punch! :D

STEVE!^^ Bad shot xD

Sakujo just takes SumSamurai to her home and SumSamurai must listen my two hour talk about Tekken yaoi xD
SumSamurai is dead xD


Fastlegs picks up Bob and throws him at Demonitzu, Demonitzu, dies from being flattened, Then Fastlegs goes to Sumsamurai's home and kills Sakujo assain style and then Fastlegs Killed Sumsamurai who was really alsleep during the boring lacture.

Sakujo shows everyone yaoi porn art with Yoshi and Dr.B

Sakujo was looking through this collection of smutty yaoi art.
The interested Sumsamurai has a look and is sick on it, Yoshimitsu was nearby and noticed the ill Sumsamurai and an angry Sakujo. He wanted to know what was going on. Yoshi sees this yaoi art and says: What the..! how!?

*Doorknockers Sakujo until he's K.O!*

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That was very crul,

Fastlegs plays Riverdance music and the sound of it drives SumSamurai crazy, that she kills her self.

Some Irish dancers were watching from within the crowd and got very excited and started to dance all over fastlegs. Your legs arn't so fast now huh.:)