Back from the dead

Hiya, I'm Troll (nothing to do with internet trolls) and  it's nice to see this site still up and running, I was thinking if I could see some old faces here xD

I registered here back at Tekken 5 time, but I stoped playing when I parted ways with my console-owning friends. I never played Tekken 6 and now I finally have a console on my own and a brand new Tekken 7, so I was thinking I could come back and learn how to play my favourite character once again (and kick my husband's butt in game xDD)

So hello and hello again. I hope this community is as great as I remembered it :D

Hi, welcome back! We're slowly getting started :)

I'm rather slow with developing upcoming features because of lack of time (I'm currently in the process of changing job and I'm training for the TWT tourneys). But more will surely come :) 

Enjoy your stay! ^_^

Welcome back!

I was a lurker here back in T5 days but I do remember your name. Always nice to see people come back. We strive to make the site welcoming and helpful to new and old members alike. Hope to see your name pop up more often again :D