A long lasting travel for 2 Souls

First of all, a little house keeping. My English is my second language and I don't use it very often. If there's something you dudes/ dudettes can't quite understand, feel free to ask :).

My name is Matías Espinoza, also known as Matt_doblebass on psn. I'm from Chile, down here in South America. My story as a " serious" Yoshi player began pretty recently. I play Tekken since the T2 dropped into arcades, but my interest on getting good with this character in particular has a deeper meaning rather than a ego boost or just for killing time in a video game. 

Under difficult life circumstances,  I lost my best friend from childhood. The one that introduced me into gaming and specifically, into fighting games and of course...  Tekken 2. We both had our preferences in characters like everyone, but we both shared being a little scared of Yoshimitsu. I can't remember his particular fear for the character, but in my case it was the red eyes and how he seemed absolutely powerful and how he looked on screen ( specifically on the intro. I used to let the machine alone just so see that), and how he moved. 

​​​​​​After getting the news that he wasn't going to stay on this earth much longer, T3 dropped for Playstation. We both played Yoshi in that game, but with no interest on being good. We just liked the design and the movement of the sword. Before he passed away, he asked me to never forget about   the time we shared with fighting games and all the experiences related to them . We got to know each other pretty well by just playing versus mode for hours and there's tons of information you can learn from someone if you listen to their buttons. 

Now to the parts that are less sad and tragic about that story. Since I was a kid I've never stoped playing casually, but since last year I have  a personal take on the game and into  getting better with Yoshi as my main, to cultivate every aspect surrounding the character,  his lore and of course, going to tournaments. I think it's a powerful way to connect with my friend and also with myself. I can't remember a time when playing this game wasn't enjoyable because of that, even though I still get rekt it's only a powerful drive to get better in every aspect of it. Like I said, this isn't about personal gains, but if I can get better at the game and it cleans the connection with my long last friendship... I'm going all out. 

If you want to laugh with my setups ( that btw are getting quite smart and scary ), feel free to watch my Twitter lol. I'm absolutely open to suggestions, advice and criticism. All I want it's to absorb knowledge and if you feel there's something I'm doing wrong as a player, fear not. I'm open to discussion :) 

Sadly, we can't have the awesome opportunity to have offline parties like they do at sugamo, but hopefully the netcode is good enough for us to play and learn even more. I love  how every Yoshimitsu has a particular personality and ways to play the game. You don't see that with a wide variety of  characters :) 

That's it for  now dudes,  I don't want to steal more of your time. Hopefully we can all get better thanks to the efforts of Tenshimitsu and all the moderators. I'll promise to keep my scrubby setups / videos to a minimum :), but if I find some funny stuff  I'll made a special forum for it hehe. 

Cheers to ever and thanks again to Tenshimitsu. I don't think we could be in a same place without her efforts ????.  

Shiki soku Zeku ⚔️

Yo man. I've seen you around twitter, glad to have you here. I've also played since Tekken 2 but I only got competitive by Tekken 5. Been playing for years but there's so much to learn even to this day. Hope you find this a welcoming place to share more experiences. See you around.

Wow. Thanks for sharing your story. It was very touching. Try as I might, I was never able to master even the basics with Yoshi, so I'm always impressed when people run with him and make him their own. I'll definitely check out your videos. Keep it up! 

Welcome to your new home my friend.

4 days left dudes. I'll put even on my mind for getting better and with the tools we have here it's not going to be that difficult :) 

I honestly cannot wait! This game will be awesome, this is the time for Yoshi players to shine :D 

https://vid.me/WFK2  try that link dudes / and boss :).  It sounds really interesting 

First of all what an awesome story that you and your friend have, it's like something out of a novel really. I'm likewise very digging what your motivation for playing, is it pretty cool and once I have a ps4, i'll love you help you out. 

Oh and enjoy your stay here ;)

What a beautiful friendship, and story behind your shared love for Yoshi-san. That is so touching. ♡ 

I'll be rooting for you! ^-^ ♡♡♡