日本語の勉強 Studying Japanese

Don't panic, translation is below! Also, please reply with English only, if you prefer. 



とは言うものの、その難しさにも関わらず、私は一所懸命頑張って、なんとなく会話に参加できるほど上達できました。ここ数年常用漢字も覚えようとしています。ある意味で全部の字を覚えておいたけど、正直、読み方が知らなくて意味しか分からない漢字が多いし、もう忘れた漢字もありますし。おまけに最近私の親しい日本人の友達には赤ちゃんが生まれました。その若いコの面倒はもちろん大変で、出産の後ママの体調も悪かったので、一緒に遊びに行くのはこの間無理になってしまいました!それに、この街の大学で日本語を学習しているおしゃべり会のメンバーの二人日本で一年間の留学をしていました。来月、ニューカッスルにやっと戻ってきてくれるけど、こんなに長い間何も日本語を使わない私の日本語はどうかなー? 学生たちはきっと、日本語力をすごくつけたでしょう。だが、自分の方が逆に能力が下がったかも知れません。

じゃ、それはともかく、皆さんはどうですか。日本語をどうやって勉強していますか。 なんのために勉強しますか。一番できたい ことは何ですか。例えば、漫画や小説を読めたいですか。あるいは映画を字幕なし観たいですか。


As the name suggests, this thread is for discussing the Japanese language.  Not only are fans of Yoshimitsu often interested in Japanese culture and traditions, but I imagine many have interest in the language too. 

I've wanted to become fluent in Japanese since I was in 6th form, but I'm actually bad at languages. I don't really know why, but if I compare myself to other learners, it seems to take me much longer to learn. There are people with a natural gift when it comes to foreign languages but I'm unfortunately not one of them. 

Having said that, I worked my socks off im spite of this difficulty, and was able to reach the point where I could at least join in with conversations.  I've also been trying to memorise all common use (jouyou) kanji these past few years.  I've learnt all of them in a fashion, but if I'm honest, there are loads that I know the meaning of but not how to read, and I'm also forgetting characters all the time!.  On top of this, my good friend who is Japanese has recently had a baby. Taking care of her little one is heavy going, and she was physically drained after the birth, so we haven't been able to hang out lately. Also, two of the students that are studying Japanese at the university here have been doing their year in Japan. They finally come back next month but how will my Japanese be after such a long break? Their Japanese will have improved considerably, while I on the other hand have probably gotten worse!

But never mind all that, how about you? How are you studying Japanese? Why are you studying? What do you most want to be able to do? For example, do you want to be able to read manga or novels? Or do you want to be able to watch movies without subtitles?   

In my case, my greatest desire is to be able to make friends with Japanese people and hang out together in Japanese!

Disclaimer: I haven't written in ages. So please forgive me if  there's any weird grammar or if it's full of typos!

(lol.. just had to edit. I read back what I'd written and I wrote 'manufacture' (seisan) instead of 'birth' (shussan). That's a pretty typical mistake for me! 

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Wow! This is more complicated than it looks, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to learn a new language. :)