When is the site going to update? There's so many bugs and glitches, that it makes it hard to really do anything. . . -_-

Example being that I tried posting an image through the forum's image uploader thingy, but it didn't work, so I tried bbcode. . . Still didn't work. =/

I know :(

Up until 17th October I'll be busy with my work and preparing a Tekken Tournament in Poland, but after that time I'll sit back to Manjikai and repair everything.

Please be patient ... I'm not able to do too many things at once.

By the way, you couldn't attach img because it didn't end with image extension, it's a security measure against hacks.

Merci beaucoup~ *nods* Have fun with the tournament, I hope all will end up well. ^___^

While we all await the site updates, I thought I might offer some quick tips on posting images since it seems like some of you are having difficulty attaching them. The "Insert/Edit Image" button isn't functioning properly but attaching images is still possible so here's the manual way for those interested.

Find the link of the picture like so.

Switch to "BBCode" and add the IMG code. (replace curly braces with square brackets to make the code work)

And here you go

If you're having difficulty understanding the code, quote my post, switch to BBCode and look for the section where I successfully attached the image.

good luck

 Thanks for that post grey, I'm getting closer now so soon..... XD