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My Hero - Chapter 12 - Endless Power
Sections: Manji Clan > Fan Fiction > Aozame32
Tags: Kuni, Kunimitsu, Xiao, Xiaoyu, Yoshi, Yoshimitsu

Author’s Note: I was trying to finish this story with one final chapter, but it was ending up to be too lengthy, and it was taking me way too long. So, I’ve decided to separate that final chapter into two. Here is the first part. I want to thank ever

My Hero - Chapter 13 - Conclusion
Sections: Manji Clan > Fan Fiction > Aozame32
Tags: Bryan, Kunimitsu, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu

The truck shook and rattled over the rough mountain road as Yoshimitsu and Hiyamitsu sped towards Dr. Bosconovich’s home. They leapt out of the vehicle as soon as they came to a stop. The exterior of the home looked calm and undisturbed, but they could se

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