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Tekken 7 Do You Feel Lucky?
Sections: Inside Manjikai > Latest News
Tags: Lucky Chloe, Tekken 7

You should because a new Tekken 7 character has been announced in the Tekken 20th Anniversary! Her name is Lucky Chloe. Confirmed by Harada himself on his twitter. Here's a vid: Seems to be a very anime-ish type of character with some very acrobatic mo

Lucky Chloe & Shaheen Gameplay Footage
Sections: Inside Manjikai > Latest News
Tags: Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, Tekken 7

There's a Tekken 7 showcase in JAEPO and we get a first glimpse of some Lucky Chloe and Shaheen move set. Commentary is in Japanese but Harada said something about Lucky Chloe having a certain rhythm to her moves. Didn't get much about Shaheen but he

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