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This blog will gradually grow with gameplay strategies for Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu strategists will cover here anti-character strategies, analysis of moves and stances as well as combos and detailed "shenanigans".

1 Unblockables Application

Unblockables Application

Grey 2017-08-06 22:20

Unblockables are special moves that bypass opponents guards hence being "unblockable". Most characters have one or two unblockables but Yoshi is special in this regard because he holds more than a dozen. Most of them are slow and require a specific situat...

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2 Yoshimitsu Starter Guide

Yoshimitsu Starter Guide

Grey 2017-06-17 00:01

A beginner's guide for starting Yoshimitsu players who would like the general game plan of the character....

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6 Psychology of Tekken

Psychology of Tekken

Tenshimitsu 2012-04-19 18:53

In this short article I want to cover a proper mindset when playing Tekken, and probably any other competitive game. Because I'm mainly Yoshimitsu player (or even a follower, hehe), I'll obviously stick Yoshimitsu somewhere below, I hope you don't mind :...

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1 T6BR Yoshimitsu

T6BR Yoshimitsu

Junon 2011-11-22 21:28

First off, I'm going to write the intent of this tl;dr-fest. One: is because I love to write, and I feel that doing something like this would get me inspiration to start writing a novel. Two: To explain my theories on how I feel yoshi should be played, an...

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