Kari MED Techniques

Kari MED Techniques
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Taisei / Hanatare / Kari after winning Kelot Cup 3

- MED is essentially Yoshi's back turned, while it's not exactly the same as his normal BT posture, the basic principal here is that there's a strong mixup presence opponents feel between what BT moves a Yoshi will do from MED as you approach him, OR whether Yoshi performs an evasive maneuver with a manual BT backsway, or BT SS/SW. On top of this the BT MED posture diminishes Yoshi's hurtbox making it harder to hit him out of the stance itself. It's his strongest defensive mixup while DGF (Dragonfly) is his strongest offensive mixup.

- To enter MED is just 3+4, the manual backsway input is b~d/b, b,b. "b~d/b" takes a huge leap backwards and leaves you in Full Crouch state, the extra b,b adds even more distance and leaves you standing, so for whiff punishing, the choice is up to the Yoshi player to improvise on the spot, depending on the whiffed move itself and what range it whiffed at.

- To perform BT moves from MED you simply input forward or back + said move. So the Backfist string would be f_b+2, d/b+2. From Standing he has Backfist only from f+2.

- Diagonal inputs slightly different:
BT d+1 (low sword) is done with b~d/b+1_f~d/f+1
BT Hopkick is f~u/f+4, this isn't used at all by Japanese Yoshi's, much too my surprise, even regarding it being -12 on block.

Kari vs Punch-Rush - MED~BT+2 Float
BT+2 / f+2 is Yoshi's Backfist and it's dangerous due to its Tail Spin property causing float combos on jumping moves, or CH launching an incoming attack for better unscaled damage.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT+2~db+2 NH
If it reaches you trying to grab Yoshi BT, it'll connect on normal hit, I'm not sure what Knee was going for here.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT+2 CH
I think Knee did d/f+3 here, welp it doesn't high crush so he got CH. And even if Kari did the sway back, he might have been able to whiff punish d/f+3 regardless. I hope now you can see how effective the mixup is starting to look.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT+2~d/b+2,2,2,2,2
Even if the Backfist whiffs, the opponent has to be quick enough to respond accordingly with the awareness that the mid follow-ups are always available to Yoshi to save himself recovery frames and instead turn a whiffed Backfist into slight advancing mids. Some players hesitate like Knee as he's known to give his opponents a lot of respect in general, perhaps too much.

Kari vs Yanpan - Backfist Whiff
But the risk reward on Stonefists isn't high so you might as well attack them if they whiff like this.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT d+1
BT d+1 is a kind of "defensive" low used as a response to dash block, in T7 it's +3 / -13. Used when Yoshi thinks you're not going to attack before the range of the low comes out, or if you're not gonna low crush it, nutty read yes but the proof's in the gifs. It also high crushes. We already know Knee doesn't block low, this one is no exception. 17f fast is hard enough to react to when you have to think about Yoshi's other options here.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT d+1 vs EWGF
One of the benefits to the low is also in matchup specific situations where it can crush electrics vs Mishimas.

Kari vs Yanpan - MED~BT d+1 Examples
Last one here is definitely a high crushed EWHF on the Jungle Outpost stage.

Kari MED~BT d+1 vs Knee

Kari vs Knee - MED~WS+2,1
After plenty of conditioning in this particular set, Kari opts for MED Sway~WS+2,1, very clutch decision because up to this point it was mostly BT d+1's, this is what makes the mixup so scary. That said looking closely I don't think Knee did wr+3 to crush the BT low but just cause he thought the slash kick was gonna connect, but Yoshi's hurtbox in MED was enough to evade it in time anyway.

Kari vs Hakaiou - MED~Sway~b+2,2
Because Hakaiou did a low, Yoshi's generic d/f+2 wouldn't launch its crouch status so he opted for b+2,2 whiff punish instead.

Kari vs Hakaiou - MED~Sway~WS+2,1
Here Kari felt more comfortable going for a full launch vs King's whiffed CD+1.

d/f+2 is the most common whiff punisher you'll see from the sway back, the sway's a great option vs Drag's WR+2. Look out for that feint that Nobi did as well, I think he does that to make the opponent think an attack just came out, regardless Kari didn't panic.

Kari vs Hakaiou - MED~SWR vs King CP
In this particular set Hakaiou was beginning to attempt a lot of Capital Punishment vs MED so it's no wonder Kari waited hella before sidewalking, slick read. happens at 29:20.

Kari vs Knee - MED~BT+1,2
High, Mid / CH launch / NCC String. Used to be a Double Over Stun but now it's a guaranteed launch in T7. Honestly just showing this cuz it worked, but for the most part it's not one of the options to be afraid of, cuz IMO this is as risky for Yoshi as it is for the opponent if you try and SW on reaction to the first hit and whiff punish the second. In general experienced Japanese players will SW vs MED and then approach to put Yoshi's movelist off axis, the low has good tracking though.

Here's a good sequence of MED shenanigans vs Taris Cutter, you can see how Taris is uneasy about approaching the mixup.

Just giving Yoshi the space to enter the stance is auto forcing the mixup on yourself, you'll come across a lot of BT Yoshi action on infinite stages for this reason. At the same time you don't wanna run straight into blocking other safe moves all day that might cause you hesitation up close for flash traps.


  1. I appreciate this article a lot as someone who's playstyle revolves around the Meditation Stance. I remember finding out how to make Yoshimitsu meditate while facing forward in Tekken 4. Fun to do.

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