Healing and Self Damage

Healing and Self Damage
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Meditation (3+4)
1st - 1 point
2nd - 2 points
Additional - 3 points

Meditation Healing (MED 1+2)
12 points

Indian Stance Healing (d+3+4)
3 points

Yomi Kakenuke to Indian Stance Healing (ff+2:2~d+3+4)
1st - 4 points
Additional - 3 points

Soul Siphon (qcf+2_MED 2+3_ff+1+2~2+3_bt~b+2+3)
16 points


Spinning Evade (b+3_4)
5dmg per spin

Harakiri (d+1+4_bt d+1+4_MED 1+4)

Manji Blood Dance (d+1+4_BT d+1+4 ~ B+1,1,1....)
1st spin 66dmg
2nd spin 72dmg
3rd spin 82dmg
4th spin 94dmg
5th spin 111dmg

Suicide (ff+1+4)

Double Suicide (ff+1+4~F)

Soul Possession qcb,f+2

Soul Siphon (break)

Kamikaze to Wall (f+3+4)

Death Copter to Wall (u/f+1+2)

- Healing and self-damage numbers are the same in NSS.
- Rage only activates once. Spending the rage, gaining health back and dropping down past the rage threshold again does not give back rage.
- Rage does not affect healing or self-damage.
- Rage status is kept even after healing the health back past the rage threshold.
- Soul Siphon throw break gives opponent 22 health.
- Soul Siphon deals 35 damage on a backturned opponent. It is still breakable.
- Soul Possession throw gives opponent 26 health.
- Suicide deals no damage to self if it's a killing blow (possible to end round with a Perfect).
- Suicide is replaced by a disappearing stab move in NSS that deals no damage.
- Kamikaze to Wall can be followed with d+3+4 to go into Indian stance.


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