TK 6 Yoshimitsu News

News concerning Yoshimitsu in Tekken 6. New moves, stances, links, downloads and movies.

4 Top Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 action!

Top Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 action!

Tenshimitsu 2008-01-02 15:51

Here we have a couple of really exciting Yoshimitsu matches. Yoshimitsu in the hands of skilled player! We can see some newborn wake-up strategies involving new d/f+3,1 feature: delayed sword hit! And... my dream came true: it's highly possible that in T...

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5 Yoshi "New Moves" Movie by Neorussel

Yoshi "New Moves" Movie by Neorussel

Tenshimitsu 2008-02-08 14:09

Hi there; Enjoy this movie made by Neorussel from TekkenCanada: it shows all Yoshi's new moves with the notations! ...

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3 Yoshi movie by Neorussel

Yoshi movie by Neorussel

Tenshimitsu 2008-02-02 14:56

Here you go: thanks to Neorussel from Tekken Canada we can enjoy watching new Yoshimitsu moves from Flea Walk as well as other techniques, including No Sword stance moves. From other Yoshi news we can include u/f+3+4, b+1 not causing the automatic jum...

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0 Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 movelist

Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 movelist

Tenshimitsu 2007-12-26 13:58

For those of you who would like to see original Yoshimitsu's Movelist, download the file below. Enjoy! ( from: )...

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