Yoshi movie by Neorussel

Yoshi movie by Neorussel
Tenshimitsu 2008-02-02 14:56 3
Here you go: thanks to Neorussel from Tekken Canada we can enjoy watching new Yoshimitsu moves from Flea Walk as well as other techniques, including No Sword stance moves. :)

From other Yoshi news we can include u/f+3+4, b+1 not causing the automatic jump backwards (which is a great setup), recently weakened f,f+4 (it's reported to have worse recovery on block) and some moves from KIN stance which don't come off while in NSS stance (No-Sword Stance)

A list of Yoshimitsu's stances:

NSS - No Sword Stance (switch: 2+3 or special commands)

- limited use of his old stances
- FLE and DGF instantly go to IND stance
- Some of the KIN Sword moves not available.

WSS - With Sword Stance (switch: 2+3 or special commands)

- available full stance movelist of:

KIN - KinChou Stance (1+2)
DGF - Dragonfly Stance (u+1+2)
FLE - Flea Stance (d+1+2)
MED - Meditation stance (3+4)
IND - Indian Sit stance (d+3+4)


  1. Very nice I like this KinChou Stance :yes

    2008-02-03 12:06
  2. Avatar

    BTW.. I want his TV!!!!:p

    Yoshi fleas are getting weirder and I like it!:D:D

    I noticed nearly all attacks follow through fluently now. Not good for glitches.:O_o

    Great video!8)

    2008-02-02 16:03
  3. That POG Walk 4 is a bit funny :D

    Yoshi using two swords to go low, it looks like he is going down a playground slide :D

    Thanks for the video Tenshi and say thanks to Neorussel for making it:yes

    2008-02-02 15:06

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