Yoshi "New Moves" Movie by Neorussel

Yoshi "New Moves" Movie by Neorussel
Tenshimitsu 2008-02-08 14:09 5
Hi there;

Enjoy this movie made by Neorussel from TekkenCanada: it shows all Yoshi's new moves with the notations!


  1. hey maybe it's possible to do the SC command throw...
    POGW3 -> dragonfly stance and then that grab

    2009-11-02 13:16
  2. POGW 3 is really cool, glad too see that namco came up som new great to Yoshi

    2009-05-15 17:49
  3. nice!!! more moves, more juggle combinations! :)

    2009-04-25 17:16
  4. very nice YOSHI is more paworfull then ever:yes

    2008-02-10 12:20
  5. Avatar

    Great work Neorussel.:yes

    The music is from Megaman 2 stage 1 on the Nintendo entertainment system. :)

    LOL at finger of death! That's going to be my taunt when I get tk6.:D

    Yoshimitsu... The Grim Reaping manji!!! XD

    2008-02-08 21:12

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