Top Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 action!

Top Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 action!
Tenshimitsu 2008-01-02 15:51 4
Here we have a couple of really exciting Yoshimitsu matches. Yoshimitsu in the hands of skilled player! We can see some newborn wake-up strategies involving new d/f+3,1 feature: delayed sword hit!

And... my dream came true: it's highly possible that in Tekken 6 we'll be able to dress Yoshi in all his former outfits! Yeaaaah!


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    not working

    2010-02-25 08:18
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    I can't see the links you and the admins are posting up, I can see everyone else's vid though.

    2008-01-09 09:29
  3. You don't see youtube videos?

    2008-01-08 18:58
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    Is there supposed to be a link here because if there is I can't see it. I'd like to know more about this.:)

    All I know is that you can interchange items with costume 1 with 2. (mix em up) I think His swords are customisable too because I noticed a video on youtube he had a katana and a ninja sword. where as he had and option of having a laser type one.
    Then I could be wrong.:dozingoff

    2008-01-05 15:49

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