Nice Yoshi movie

Nice Yoshi movie
Tenshimitsu 2009-05-01 17:24 3
Long time no updates, huh?

But this time check this out: a very nice gameplay in Tekken 6 BR. You can see here new moves in action:

1. Bounding f+1+2 (used at the end of juggles to cause bound)
2. 3~4, u+1+2 - double flying kick with a possibility of Dragonfly transition.

Yoshimitsu player was very quick and improvising a lot, in a good way. :)


  1.  Thanks =)

    2012-09-25 15:01
  2. Can you test if 3~4 -> DGF~2 can be interrupted by a jab? It's important in Yoshi strategy. :P Probably it pushes an opponent back, allowing for stressless DGF 2.

    Also, test please if 3~4 -> DGF~d (go down) is possible without any harm.

    I saw people interrupting DGF with a jab but I'm not sure whether they were doing any move.

    It is extremely important since simple jab-hitting out of DGF leads to bound unfortunately. Jump techniques became very dangerous.

    2009-05-03 08:54
  3. very nice... ive been using f+1+2 in most juggles and is fast to execute...

    2009-05-02 16:09

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