TK 5 Yoshimitsu Strategy

Tips and tricks on how to play Yoshimitsu in Tekken 5.0 and Dark Resurrection. This includes e.g. Attack, Defense and Oki-zeme techniques.

2 Strategy - Intro

Strategy - Intro

Tenshimitsu 2005-08-01 20:52

Hello I would like to write a short intro of what I'll write in not only "Strategy" section of yTS, but also in my incoming FAQ. As we all know, knowing Yoshimitsu's moves is only a tip of an iceberg. The next and most important step is to put them toge...

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1 Tekken DR: New Yoshi setup

Tekken DR: New Yoshi setup

Tenshimitsu 2007-08-23 21:04

Yoshimitsu's okizeme near the wall seems to be deadly after this setup. It was firstly seen in the Youtube matches of APO, one of the top 3 Yoshimitsu players in Japan. After the wall combo (...d/b+2,2,2,2,2), duck with Yoshi and just SEE what your oppo...

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