Yoshi: changes since Tekken 4

Yoshi: changes since Tekken 4
Tenshimitsu 2007-06-01 18:56 1

Yoshimitsu is always the one to get experimented on. :) Sometimes we like it, sometimes we don't... but always we have to be awared of his little tricky "tweaks" that can make a really important difference.

[ TODO: Tekken 1,2,3, Tag and Tk 4 changes ]

Tekken 4 / 5 changes

Without any doubt Yoshimitsu has been boosted up! He gained some new VERY useful weapons without which I can't imagine my Tekken 5 strategy. His juggles are more powerful although still decent compared to other characters, some of them we remember from Tekken 3/Tag times.
    1. Six mid spins after d/f+1,2~ and f+2~ returned, yai yai!
    2. 1+4 flash counters again! Unfortunately, it's not an unblockable anymore, and it can be both blocked and reversed. :-( Also, it doesn't seem that reliable as in previous Tekkens, some moves with high priority will always hit Yoshi no matter how precise you'll be. This sucks.
    3. New punch series 2,1 and 2,2 aren?t a great addition to his arsenal, what a pitty! I treat them more like a taunt to end a battle, LOL. It shouldn't be like this. :-(
    4. Properties of 2,3 has been changed, it's a semi-NC (natural combo). Opponent can duck it to avoid the second blow, otherwise it hits.
    5. u/f+4 is now safe on block, disadvantage is around -6 or -7 frames. Yes! :-)
    6. Flea is no longer u+1+2. You can enter Flea only by pressing 1+2. BT Flea is gone!!! :( How could Namco forget about it? 8-o You can cheat BT Flea only in certain situations. it's awful! :(
    u+1+2 is the new Dragonfly Stance, which is new Yoshi's great weapon. Not very mobile, but bufferable and easy to cancel, all hits lead to serious damage and are a great addition to Yoshi?s Strategy.
    7. b,b+1+2 is the new unblockable. Some kind of... joke. Hits high at the edge of range and mid upclose.... but what is this for? SLOW windup time and it doesn't track sidesteppers despite the HORIZONTAL animation!
    8. D/B+1+2~3_4 - another move that is only a bit more useful. But surely you'll find it hard to hit somebody with this. Used mainly as fast retreat.
    f+1+2 is quite an useful high-crush. The disadvantage on block is but very big, you have to use it with caution. Carefully examine the spacing as well.
    9. b+1+2 - this move should have littlebit less disadvantage on block. Also, the high-crushing ability sucks sometimes. Beware opponents with 1,2 punch series (oops? all of them? 8-o) because it will avoid 1 just to be hit by the second on CH. Yup it sucks! But anyway, it is QUITE an useful move.
    10. u+3+4 - it seems that Yoshi disappears... but it's not true. You can still dash and jab him from the air to start juggle. It shouldn't be like this, because on whiff (and this move has little range) this move is very, very punishable. Anyway, in wake-up situations, this move has its uses.
    11. b+3+4 avoids better, and this is fine!
    12. f+3+4 is a new Kamikaze attack, called by my friends 'the kiss'. Hehehe! You can cancel it by ~b (mainly show-off, but BT strats possible), and on hit you can enter SIT (3+4) to gain some health. On quick stand up from SIT, ~D/B+3 is guaranteed... so far. (It isn't the case in Tekken DR) it's a great, distant attack that has some disadvantages, but if used correctly, can be a pain for your opponent. More later on.
    13. WS+2 is changed. Both on hit and block Yoshi enters BT... well? This move causes KD and doesn't have a good range. It only looks great. The BT options are a guess-up that isn't advantageous for Yoshi. Anyway, in the tournament situation I wouldn?t recommend constant use of this move. Too easy to backdash...
    14. BT 3 is changed. Not it's Kuni-styled somersault that hits mid. And it can be parried (?! yes! a mid move that can be parried!)
    15. New Flea Arts arrived.
      1. f+1+2 or d~f is a new Flea roll that moves Yoshi forward and makes him enter the FC/WS position. High crushing in the last stage of animation.
      2. f+3+4 is a low dive that knocks down, very useful and damaging. Yoshi ends face down, lying on the ground, and from this position low kick is mostly guaranteed.
      3. u+1+2 is the DGF stance switch... slow and not really useful unless your opponent is frightened or have chess reflexes. It has some evading capabilities, but what are they for if Yoshi enters DGF slowly and it takes ages for him to do any DGF move that is not very fast after all.
    16. New stance switches involve DGF:
      1. Flea &񗣂 DGF - u+1+2 (described just above)
      2. Poison Wind &񗣂 DGF - u/f+3+4~1+2 - a very dynamic and useful stance switch! Simply great, causes a headache for your opponent.
      3. Deathcopter &񗣂 DGF - Especially the u/f+1+2~b,1+2 version. It should be only a little bit faster... but still quite useful.

Tekken 5 / DR changes

We will not be suprised if I tell that Tekken DR Yoshi is toned down...

New Moves
    1. FLE u+3+4 (1+2, u+3+4) - which is a funny, hitting mid and grounded opponents with deceptive range.
    2. u/f+3+4~u+3+4 - Poison Wind to Eight Crows - interesting mid move (2 hits: 10, 12 dmg). Does KD on hit (special KD which cannot be techrolled).
    3. d/f+1+2>2 - low move (high crush, ground hitting) into mid backhand. First move does KD on CH, second move turns opponent back on hit. Little disadvantage on block, a good series (damage: 18, 21).
    4. DGF 3+4 - Dragonfly throw, high hitting, inescapable once hit connects, taking only 25 dmg.
    5. f,f,f+3 is a new Slashkick (mid, staggering on block kick, 30 dmg), whereas f,f,f+1+2 is not a Flying Cross Chop anymore, but Spirit Shield.
Other changes
    1. f+3+4 has different properties. Now it causes double KD on hit. No life gain. Yoshi also doesn't get staggered if he hits his opponent in the air with this move (and this is the best change). Damage is 30 dmg. The old Tekken 5.0 stagger can be achieved by hitting opponent's back.
    2. d+1+2 now juggles on CH every time. Damage is changed to 16 dmg. The juggles are easier.
    3. b+3+4 - The Evasive Sidespin can be done at every angle, both facing forward and BT, and also while being in MED (Meditation, 3+4). Great change!
    4. d/b+3,3,3,3... doesn't lift for a juggle anymore. Any hit starting from the second one can be quickrolled. This is not a good change.
    5. D/B+1+2~3 now crumple stuns on CH and causes block stagger.
    6. D/B+1+2~1 doesn't hit at the distance anymore. Range is much limited.
    7. DGF 1 (u+1+2, 1) doesn't stun on Clean Hit anymore. It takes only 15 dmg.
    8. DGF 3 (u+1+2, 3) doesn't juggle on normal hit anymore. It juggles only on CH.
    9. b,b+1~1+2 now causes crumple stun on CH (allowing for juggle).
    10. SS+4 now causes guard stun on block.
    11. Deathcopter to Dragonfly transitions are more fluid. DGF can be entered at any point during flying in Deathcopter.
    12. d/f+3 is now jab-safe (about -6 Badv).
    13. All Kangaroo Kicks are now relatively safe on block and juggle differently. This includes 4~3, IND (3),3+4, IND 4, FLE 3+4, 3,d/f+3+4, u/f+3+4,3+4.
    14. d/f+2 standard uppercut has now -6 disadvantage on block instead of -4, but has better priority, reach and a little bit better "tech-crouch".
    15. damage of Sword Sweep (FC,b+1) is weaker: now it's 15 dmg.
    16. damage of Stone Fists (D/B+2,2,2,2,2,2) is weaker: now it's 9,9,7,7,5,5 dmg (total damage: 42 dmg)
    17. damage of Soul Stealer (1+4) is weaker: 21 dmg.
    18. damage of Side Kick (d/f+4) is weaker: 17 dmg.


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