Manji Stances

Manji Stances
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Yoshimitsu's Stances

Flea Stance

Flea Stance is with Yoshi since Tekken 3. It got a lot of "upgrades", including decrease of damage and so on (no Flea Charge (~U,n) now...this sucks). Still, even with all those sidespins and dives, it is a risky stance if you face experienced opponent. Just as all the stances it must be used all of a sudden. (unless you feel comfortable with timing the attacks... remember that your opponent can simply wait for your whiff so it's not that happy-puppy easy :D). The main uses of this stance are combos, occasionaly okizeme, ground (and opponent :)) hitting near the wall... and confusion. The two new Tekken 5 moves: f+3+4 and f+1+2 make now Flea even more worthwhile. Great moves, simply great, especially in connection with other Flea moves like a simple Flea Jump, which earlier wasn't that easy to use. Links to other Stances are also a good addition.

Flea only (1+2)

At first you might find it difficult to do Flea after any dash forward. Best way to cancel a dash forward with Flea without getting f+1+2 or f,f+1+2 is u/b+1+2, pretty much the only way to do this now. Nearly all other commands are now busy! :) OK, but let's take a look at Flea (called also Sword Pogo)
Flea linkers (moves that link to Flea)
u/f+3+4, 1+2 - Poison Wind link, extremely useful
3+4,any direction, 1+2 - self-explanatory, but not everybody realize that even by cancelling MED into walk you can do Flea. In previous Tekken 3+4,d~d was sidestep and so you had to do a Flea cancel. Now you don't have to do this since Yoshi does only walk directly out of MED.
Flea arts (FLE)
  • u/b, u or u/f - jumping Flea. Useful in connection with other moves.
  • d - Flea Digger, can be cancelled by any move. d~f leads to Manji Roll (f+1+2). Useful, dodges high moves.
  • f,F - Flea run, press 3+4 during third hop to enter Indian Sit.
  • FLE - 1+2 - This is old good Skull Splitter, dodging high moves. Useful at times, but especially after Poison Wind series in oki-zeme if you want to continue a technique called by me: "move and you're dead" (more about this will be in oki-zeme article, Strategy section)
  • f+1+2 - Manji Roll, very useful, dodges high moves.
  • f+3+4 - dodges high moves especially after d Flea Digger. Extremely useful.
  • 3+4 - Roo Kick, can be confusing...
  • 3 or 4 - it does a small ss to left or right... too small to be effective, used mainly as distractor and a show-off move.
  • d+3+4 - Indian Sit, very useful, dodges a lot of attacks.
  • u+1+2 - Link to DGF, quite useful, well-timed dodges all attacks.

To sum up: Flea has a good potential, but it is best used in situations in which your opponent has limited ability to move, e.g. in oki-zeme situation. But this will be described in oki-zeme section. Anyway, who said it is the only use of Flea...

Dragonfly Stance

The newest Yoshimitsu's stance is very interesting although not mobile at all. Who said you have to stay in it for a long time, though? It has good (hah, great!) uses and it leads to powerful combos. Not to mention the whole stance is a one, big low-crushing movement. Read on. :)

Dragonfly Stance (u+1+2)

  • 1 - Sword Slash, slow and linear... BUT unblockable, damaging and leading to powerful combos. Best used near the wall, again in wake-up game. Hehe, you'll soon come to the conclusion that playing Yoshimitsu is all about a good wake-up game... and you'll be absolutely right!
  • 2 - DGF uppercut, fast and again juggling, can be cancelled with ~d, allowing you to launch spinning juggles.
  • 3 - Low, sweeping, juggling kick, one of the fastest hits that damage grounded opponents and make them pay if they want to get up without caution. Damaging juggles can be done out of it. (All in juggles section)
  • 4- Twisting kick that hits sidesteppers and is safe on block. Great attack, but beware the range, is pretty poor. Opponent shows his site after hit, on CH leads to juggles.
  • d- Stance cancel... this is the most useful extension. :) Remember that while in DGF you can't block!
  • f,b- if not this, the stance would not be mobile at all. Of course it's useful, but don't expect a super-fast, dodging movement. It's pretty slow.

DGF is a new, cool stance loaded with damaging power. "Must-use" part of Yoshi's arsenal, learn it quick!

Indian Sit Stance

This stance wasn't changed at all since Tekken 4. There are many commands that can be used, I wonder why Tekken Team was so lazy with this Trademark Yoshi's stance... It has been with Yoshi from the very beginning! Anyway, this addition to Yoshi's repertoire will save you many, many times, not to mention it's quite easy to get behind your opponent if you use it all of a sudden!

Indian Sit Stance (d+3+4)

Remember the links to this stance!

1+2, d+3+4
1+2, f,F~3+4
FC~3+4 (cuts the animation short)
Starter: d+3+4 (IND)
  • 1 - Moonsault Slayer, fast and useful, it's rarely outjabbed.
  • 2, D/B+2,2.. - Old, good Manji Spin Slaps, can suprise. Also, if your opponent runs at you, you'll end up behind him, in BT. An interesting option.
  • 3,3+4 - Indian Sit Cannon, good extension, especially as a whiff-punisher. Also, the first attack alone hits grounded opponents and has greater priority than the chained two attacks.
  • 4- Roo kick, not that useful because people aim directly at Yoshi mostly if he's in indian stance. Too risky.
  • 3+4 - Levitation... show off mainly, plus you can taunt from this position. You can do this by holding 3+4, hitting 1,2 or 1+2 and tapping any direction. Another way is releasing any kick button and pressing 1,2 or 1+2. Levitation sliding (any direction) is way too slow to be an effective way to escape enemy's low kicks. But sometimes you'll manage. :)
  • ~D - input just after d+3+4, it's another way to enter the "Yoga" mode. The differences between ~D and 3+4 are: 1.) In ~D mode Yoshi doesn't track his opponent. 2.) 3+4 mode does automatic teleportation if opponent jumps over Yoshi.
  • f or b - simple teleportation. Watch the distance because you may end in the spot in BT if you're too far from your opponent.
  • u - guess what is this for :)

Indian Sit is very useful, especially the teleportation. In Tekken 5 character's back is extremely vulnerable to attacks because of limited mobility I think... (new system). If you manage to hit their back, they'll be all yours... (more in strategy section)

Meditation Stance

Meditation Stance is one of Yoshi's most useful stances, but also just as all of them: it is quite risky. Yoshimitsu shows his back to his opponent after all! The key to use this stance successfully is to watch your opponent carefully and use quick stance moves. Don't wait for too long. Also, it's best to retreat with MED SideStep or Walk instead of hitting "b", mainly because your opponent is very likely to use a long-ranging, linear move from a distance.
Your only way to learn the moves' properties is to try them all. :) Don't hesitate!

Meditation only (3+4_SS+3+4)

(3+4_SS+3+4) - Starter...
1+2 - Charge-up... don't do this unless you want to show-off
3+4 - Manji Backflip, very useful, juggles opponent
1+4 - Harakiri
1+4, B+1,1,1,1,1 - Manji Chizakura, useful only at times
qcb,F+2 - Yoshi-altruist...
2+4_1+3 - throw


u,n_d,n - Walk mode (single, no ss moves)
u,u_d,d - Walk, still no ss moves available
u,n,u_ d,n,d - Sidestep
b~D/B - quick crouching retreat, covers much distance
b,3+4 - spin - Meditation
b~3+4 - quick spin - Meditation forward
b~d~n+(any WS move) - Instant WS from Meditation

Instant WS from Meditation can be useful at times, not to mention it looks confusing. :) Definitely worth using, and it makes your Yoshi more mobile. iWS,n is a quicker way to face your opponent than simple "f" input. Also, dodges high moves.

Unconventional extensions

(b_f+1) - jab
f~d/f+1 - low punch, very useful, high-crush
f~d/f+4 - low kick, high-crush
(b_f+2) - Backfist
b_f+4 - high kick, will save you many times
b_f+3 - Troubled Soul, low crush, use with caution
f~u/f+4 - Hop Kick (JG!), low crush
f~u/f~n - BT Recovery
f~U/F, N+3 - stunkick
f~U/F, N, d+3 - low hopkick
f~U/F+4 - Jumping Hopkick, my personal favourite! (low crush)

(WARNING... starting from T5, doing the moves below out of first meditation is extremely difficult. But you can do them freely after the second!)

b~1+2 - Flea backwards
b~d+3+4 - Sit Backwards
b~3+4 - Meditation Forward

(BT Flea is possible, but after some efforts...)

Extensions after 3+4, b~3+4 -
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+3 => Meditation Forward -> Samurai Knee
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+4 => Meditation Forward -> Avoiding the Puddle
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+3+4,b+1... => Meditation Forward -> Poison Wind
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+1+2 => Meditation Forward -> Deathcopter (etc)
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f~u+1+2 => Meditation Forward -> DGF
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f~u+3+4 => Meditation Forward -> Guillotine Crow Kick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F+4 => Meditation Forward -> Jumping Hopkick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F, N+3 => Meditation Forward -> Stun Kick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F,N,d+3 => Meditation Forward -> Low Kick
=> ... and other jumping moves

Poison Wind

Who said it cannot be listed as a stance! In fact it has links to nearly all of Yoshi's stances, making it be very useful at times. Unfortunately, for experienced opponents knowing Yoshi, you will be for sure knocked down if you dare to do this straight before their noses; connecting u/f+3+4 on block means lots of damage (for example: Jack 5 and his fast body impact will stop ANYTHING. u/f+3+4 as for a move that takes only 10 points of damage is way TOO risky to pull off just for fun. I shall stop now not to get nervous :D ). The only true, useful and safe way to use Poison Wind series is oki-zeme, in the second version called by me "stay and you'll pay". But again, this is for a separated article in "Strategy" section. Occasionally, doing some particular PW extensions at the distance may come in handy... Yoshimitsu loves risk, huh? ... but WE don't like it for sure...

Poison Wind Series (u/f+3+4...)

Starter: u/f+3+4 (PW)
  • b+1,4,d+1 - Spin, backflip, sword slash... the spin used to hit low, now it's special mid... be sure to get yourself smashed just after spin or backhand, it's more than sure (unless you're facing a player with chess reflexes). Hah... It sucks, even as the oki-zeme maneuver it sucks... damage is little to nothing. OK, looks nice... BUT nice looks won't help Yoshi win the battle!
  • b+1,3+4 - is anyone here who uses this? Geez... what is this for? It had some uses in tekken 4 because b+1 had the ability to stun lying opponent, but now...? Useless. There are better things.
  • ~1+2 - DGF link, this is actually pretty good! Opponent loses time to see what you're doing, and exactly as he realizes: "DGF!! Time to hit!" - you can launch DGF attack. No, you must launch it. Again, be sure to do it at the distance. The most common reaction of players is a frantic jab, no DGF move is fast enough to counter it.
  • 1+2 - Flea. Useful mostly in oki-zeme and wake-up situations. Or at the distance, to show-off mostly...
  • d+3+4 - useful if you don't want to get jabbed (dodges a lot of attacks). Very good extension... But opponent's fast mid will hit you out of there. Teleportation is sometimes just too turtle'ish SLOW. :) Not funny at all...
  • 3+4 - Roo Kick, same with d+3+4, dodges a lot of things... but most of opponents don't risk attacks with slow recovery time. They'll block it on reaction and JG Yoshi. Not a good perspective.

Poison Wind was made exactly to make your opponents fear staying on the ground. This is your aim... in a specific style of wake-up game, of course. More about this in "Strategy" section.


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