BT Stance

BT Stance
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Yoshimitsu's BT Stance

BT Stance Variations

Yoshi's BT position is even stronger in Tekken 5, even without having a direct BT Flea (which is as for me a big mistake). You have to buffer a lot of moves to have them executed in BT, but some of them don't need buffering. In my opinion, Yoshi would be much more effective with programmed BT commands. Buffering isn't a good option sometimes because your opponent knows where you can buffer what, and so he knows the timing. It doesn't suprise your enemy at all. Fortunately, Yoshi's BT Stance is not that bad. :)

Yoshi's BT grows stronger and stronger...

Yoshimitsu can switch to BT (BackTurned) Stance after these moves:
  • f,f+1+2 Solar Kick BT extensions
  • WS+2
  • teleport in place d+3+4,f
  • teleport d+3+4,2 if your opponent is running at you
  • jump-over opponent
  • after missing with f+3+4
  • after having d+3+4,3,(3+4) side stepped.
  • after having f,f+3+4,1+2,(3+4) side stepped.
  • 3+4~f~u/f~n
  • 3+4,3+4
  • 3+4,f+3
  • 3+4,b~3+4,f (turn around out of Meditation forward)
  • BT 3 (stays in BT)
  • BT D/B+2,2,2... (stays in BT)
  • BT DGF (stays in BT)
  • BT Indian Sit (stays in BT)
  • BT Flea (stays in BT, but rarely seen in T5)
  • BT Bad Breath (stays in BT)
  • BT u+2+3 extensions (stays in BT)
  • BT u+1+4 (stays in BT)
  • BT 1+2+3 (stays in BT, but has no uses)
  • going on the other side over lying opponent by u+1+2
  • f,f,n,1+4 Confusion
  • f+3+4~b,U/F~n (Kamikaze cancel and Kamikaze timed BT moves)

Standard moves that can be done any place in BT:

and other... (low punch (d+1), low kick (d+4), hopkick (U/F+4)... etc.)

(*) This is "nearly at the same time" input. You press the direction one frame faster, hold it and then the buttons... require some practice, but is quite easy)
Solar Kick (f,f+1+2) and extensions

All the lowkicks, hopkicks, low jabs etc. are working, besides Flash u+1+4... because this command is already busy. You can wait a little anyway... but I would not recommend it.
  • Solar Kick Soul Siphon: f,F+1+2~1+4
  • Solar Kick Possession: f,F+1+2~F+1+4
  • Solar Kick Evasive Sidespin: f,F+1+2~b+3+4,3+4...
  • Solar Kick Manji Spin Slaps backwards: f,F+1+2~D/B+2,2,2,2
  • Solar Kick Deathcopter: f,F+1+2~U/B+1+2 (etc)
  • Solar Kick DGF: f,F+1+2~u+1+2
  • Solar Kick Sit f,F+1+2~d+3+4
  • Solar Kick Sword Impale: f,F+1+2~u+2+3
  • Solar Kick Sword Spin: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1
  • Solar Kick Sword Spin~Cancel: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1~b,b
  • Solar Kick Ochimusha Hunter: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1+2
  • Solar Kick Sword Slash: f,F+1+2~D/B+1
  • Solar Kick Moonsault Slayer f,F+1+2~QCF+1
  • Solar Kick Bad Breath: f,F+1+2~n~D/B+1+2~any (wait a second after SolKick to execute Bad Breath)
Anyway, Bad Breath, DGF, BT Sword Impale (and ext.) and Sword Slash can be buffered after any Move that leave you in BT.

Something to train:
WS+2, BT 3~D/B+2,2,2, BT d+3+4~2, BT u+1+4~D/B+1+2~3
Although Yoshi's BT is not that accurate as it was in Tekken 4 (especially because of the camera which isn't very mobile... sometimes you won't know whether you're already in BT or not. Wanting to do BT 3 and doing long-recovering 3 instead isn't a good option...), knowing Yoshi's BT is essential because you'll find yourself in this position many, many times. That's why I separated BT Stance from other stances. You might think it's not too much, but if you want to learn it all, you'll have to spend a longer while with Yoshi. Knowing where to do what is also important. For example, BT 3 is low crushing but has poor range, BT 4 is quick but hits high... sometimes it will be better just to do a fast sidestep rather than attack. Sometimes your opponent will be so far away that you can suprise him with jumping attacks from BT. You have to gain experience.
This is only "Skill" project so it's all about listing by now. Putting it all together is much more challenging. :) See you in "Strategy" section!


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