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See Tekken players in action! Tekken is not only about combos: it is also all about techniques and strategies.

0 TK DR movie 7

TK DR movie 7

Tenshimitsu 2006-02-06 14:56


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0 TK DR movie 8

TK DR movie 8

Tenshimitsu 2006-02-06 14:59


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3 TTT Fight

TTT Fight

Dinaga 2005-04-19 20:54

Wow, wow, wow! One of the greatest Yoshi match movies I've ever seen! ^_^ You won't know who will win till the very end! It's Yoshimitsu & Ling versus the Mitsu Team [Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu] fight... great! Watch especially where to use Yoshi Flash. ^_...

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0 TTT2 Yoshimitsu-Steve vs Lars-Ganryu

TTT2 Yoshimitsu-Steve vs Lars-Ganryu

Tenshimitsu 2011-11-20 21:43


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