TTT Fight

TTT Fight
Dinaga 2005-04-19 20:54 3
Wow, wow, wow! One of the greatest Yoshi match movies I've ever seen! ^_^ You won't know who will win till the very end! It's Yoshimitsu & Ling versus the Mitsu Team [Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu] fight... great! Watch especially where to use Yoshi Flash. ^_^ Of course all set-ups weren't used here: it's physically impossible to implement all in a one fight. Some killing strategies were prevented by the opponent... [ all those spins over lying opponent had their purposes! Do you know what would happen if the opponent got up from the ground? ^_^ Don't ask, think! :-P ]. Kunimitsu's performance is also worth taking a close look. ^_^ But the player used mainly Yoshimitsu, there was even one round won using only our beloved Space Ninja! Moreover: watch custom strings, their simplicity and: destination! The players knew exactly what move is for what (example: Saviour Boot d/f+4, which stopped the Side Step) ! Notice, how important the simple jab is. It starts just about everything. The gameplay is smooth and extremely efficient. It's a real Yoshi play! At last! I got tired watching players using Yoshi only as a good b+3+4, d/f+2~5 combination to Jin/Bruce/Julia. ^_^ Yoshi is alone a deadly fighter, and so you have an opportunity to see him in action. :) Enjoy!


  1. Really nice matches, thanks for posting

    2011-08-21 15:11
  2. Naoki was the Kuni_Yoshi player...

    2006-04-09 11:17
  3. WHAT??!! Naoki? I didn't know he's a good Mitsu player?... This is a nice fight between huge skills. The flashes and the db+2,2,2,2... and the storming SS+1!!! Yes yes yes! Nice movie.. Anyway, there is one thing I want to comment regarding the player1.. Why he keeps throwing f,f+4(Xiaoyu) out in the range, that move doesn't track and takes forever to land. The game was full of SS+1 and sidestepps. Mmmm... Anyway, he's Yoshi is good too but his Xiaoyu... No

    2005-12-20 06:53

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