Tekken 5 FAQ

Tekken 5 FAQ
Tenshimitsu 2005-11-26 16:44 15
I hope you'll enjoy :) drop me an email with suggestions and comments anytime you want!


  1. Nope, it doesn't apply to Tekken 6 in any way, unfortunately.

    2010-09-23 13:47
  2. Avatar

    Very nicely done guide here :O

    Does much of this apply to Tekken 6 too?

    Anyway, Thank you for a amazing guide :D

    2010-06-08 08:02
  3. VERY GOOD many thanks. That is one of the best guides to my Yoshi i have seen in a long time. The ametures will get a good insight of my Yoshi's life LOL

    2008-03-04 13:26
  4. Thank you for all the nice comments :)

    Tekken DR update is on its way, BTW :D

    2007-06-17 21:31
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    Thanks very much for this faq, Tenshimitsu. To say it was good would be an understatement. The level of detail and the evident proficiency of the author are impressive, and have been very helpful to me.

    While a lot of the faq is above my skill level, reading it gives me the drive to put more effort into Tekken. :)

    2007-06-11 11:12
  6. I guess it's kinda late to throw in my probz for this, but better late than never, aye?

    I really must say reading this has made my Yoshi' what it is today - the #1 in the contry. Your way of describing each moves, and digging into the smallest of each and every aspect is, yea, well - it really amazes me!

    Furthermore, i found your decreased guide somewhere on the net, where you complain about the lack of responses and ideas you've recieved. To this, hence the fact that i've been one of the readers (and users) to this guide of yours, i feel somewhat guilty since not having dropped a single word. Unfortunetly, i hate to say that, despite the endless strats etc. offered in your guide, it's something of a job to come up with solid strats (compared to yours that is!). The fact that not a single arcade hall is to be found in Denmark, and only a handfull of persons plays it serious makes it very hard to come by fair experience.

    Therefore, a huge thanks to you, Tenshi', for this The Holy Bible of Yoshimitsu, and too that you offer us all of this knowledge!


    2007-06-11 06:18
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    :dontgetit Tenshimitsu is a girl?!

    you closed the topic before i could even say thanks so here. Thank you!

    Better start reading, hehehe , this is like that scroll in the epilogue of Feng.

    2006-12-24 22:10
  8. Im loving this alot. It's amazing how much someone can write. lol. I still haven't finished reading, but I trying to absorb as much as possible.
    It's a big read,,,


    2006-12-16 10:08
  9. Of course there will be a Tekken DR update... if only it gets released on consoles, that is...:| I don't have any access to Arcades (simply because there are NO Arcades in my country), and so I'm forced to wait for the game to be released for home use. Sad but true.

    I'm happy that my FAQ is useful. Go get them! Slash! Stab! ^^ Yoshi ownz every character in this game :)

    My friends give me many ideas as for strategy, and I have a Tournament ahead next Saturday (I always get inspirations at tourneys), so I think soon there will be an update :)

    cheers! :)

    2006-01-15 16:11
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    OMG, as expected...this faq is a truly great compilation of information, setups, custom strings, anti-character strategies and yes, even those quotes helps!!

    I've just started to play Yoshimitsu yesterday and I've been owning today at the arcades! Yesterday I won 9 times and today I've beat my friend and rival in a yoshi vs. yoshi match 2 times(but he beat my ass 7 times in a row) and he was training Yoshi for one month, I also won against a King/Paul user 5 times in a row, still having some defeats though...:)
    I just dunno if this ability was skill or just good use of information found in this faq...Oh well, I'll be reading again later!!

    P.S. Is there any chance of a T5DR update on the faq, Tenshi??? :)
    I mean...learning from your FAQ was 3 times better than watching
    Souten vs Qdogg vids where I didn't know how to input BT flash:)
    Sorry bout the long comment!!:satisfied

    2006-01-15 15:54

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