KYSG T5 Yoshi


  1. I saw this on youtube, i did seem to think that i was the bees knees with Yoshimitu, but this guy (whoever made the vid) sunk my battleship... HAHA, good work! Especially when Yoshi ran off the wall and done a backflip... I mean i never even knew that was possible!!! Keep it coming, there aren't enough vides around to help guide Yoshi fanatics in the newly promoted world of juggling... Grr.

    2008-05-24 22:10
  2. Avatar

    are the combos applicable in tekken 5.1?!?!

    2006-11-06 14:20
  3. jus jokes

    2006-10-19 03:56
  4. Hey, who stole my combos?

    2006-10-19 00:57
  5. Just One Word ... WOW !

    2006-08-15 12:14
  6. Holy shit! Powerful combos, nothing to add. But some of them are quite riskful;) Make it during the fight!;)

    2006-04-05 11:22
  7. I told you the combos are situational :) Probably it was CH + countering opponent's "power blow"

    2005-12-23 14:41
  8. b+(1)1 second hit on counter was 42??!! on jin
    b+(1)1 second hit on counter was 72???!!! on kuma wtf???

    2005-12-23 04:30

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