Strategy Archive

An archive of old strategy articles, concerning the past Tekken games.


Yoshimitsu FAQ Files

FAQ Files: in-depth strategies and tactics of chosen Tekken character. Worth reading!

Tekken Movelists

Movelists of all characters, zipped in one, small file.

Tekken System

Tekken System.

TK 5 Yoshimitsu Strategy

Tips and tricks on how to play Yoshimitsu in Tekken 5.0 and Dark Resurrection. This includes e.g. Attack, Defense and Oki-zeme techniques.

TK 5 Yoshimitsu Analysis

Detailed analysis of Yoshimitsu's stances, moves and unconventional tricks (like buffers, cancels).

TK 6 Yoshimitsu News

News concerning Yoshimitsu in Tekken 6. New moves, stances, links, downloads and movies.

Combo Movies

Combo - the essence of Tekken. Download combo movies for Tekken characters.

Match Movies

See tekken players in action! Tekken is not only about combos: it is also all about techniques and strategies.